Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga holds an important place in our daily life, which was invented thousands of years ago. Yoga is the best proven innovative weight loss therapy. The primary purpose of yoga is to enhance body strength, create harmony in mind and body as well as increase body awareness. Due to our daily hectic work schedule, we are often unable to go to the gym to exercise and reduce body weight. It becomes vital to stay healthy as having excess fat in our body can lead to many diseases. It might affect the normal functioning of the heart. But you can easily try yoga at home for weight loss.

Yoga has helped many people to lose weight effectively. Yoga tends not just about a few poses that strengthen your body and help you to lose weight. But it also helps to increase respiration, body flexibility, and balanced metabolism and also helps in stress management. By performing yoga asanas, one should not expect to lose weight immediately. Rather, you should perform these asanas regularly to get the benefits after a few days. Therefore, below we will discuss some simple yoga asanas for weight loss that will be helpful for you.

Types of Yoga for Weight Loss


The Virabhadrasana yoga pose is also known as the name warrior pose. It is one of the effective basic yoga asanas for weight loss.  This pose will help you to tone your shoulders and thigh and also help you to enhance your concentration level. You can gain better results for your body if you hold on to this pose for a long time. You will see tighter quads with just a few minutes of performing this virabhadrasana. To perform this pose, you need to bend your left knee and stretch it towards the front side and stretch your right leg backward, and then you have to raise your hand and join them in the form of a namaskar. Furthermore, if you can contract your abdominal muscles while holding this yoga asana pose, you will get a flat tummy within a few days.


Another simple yoga asana for weight loss is chaturangadandasana. It is the best way to strengthen your core. The other name of this pose is the plank pose. Even though this pose looks simple but you can get immense benefits from it. You can feel some intensity in your abdominal muscle while performing this pose. To perform this pose, you need to lift your body with your toes and keep your palm firmly on the ground and keep your head downward.


If you are looking to reduce weight with yoga asana, then the trikonasana will be fruitful for you. This yoga pose helps to enhance digestion as well as decreases the fat, which is deposited in the waist and belly. Furthermore, blood circulation in the body is also improved with this pose. You can build more muscles in your hamstrings and thighs. Similarly, trikonasana helps you to increase your concentration level. To perform this pose, you need to stand straight by keeping your legs apart. And then, you have to slide your left arm down along your left leg till your fingers touch the ankle. Then you have to hold this pose with the knees and elbows. You have to stay in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute to reduce weight. This asana is also popular in the name of the triangle pose.


The Sarvangasana is another best yoga asanas to lose weight. By performing this pose, you can gain several benefits, from improving your digestion to enhancing your body strength. This yoga pose is best known for its effective results in balancing the thyroid level and boosting metabolism. This asana is also popular by the name shoulder pose as you have to lift your body with the help of the shoulders.

To perform this pose, you have to bring together your feet and keep your hand sideways near your body. Then you need to keep your legs close to your chest and then lift your lower body slowly. After this, you have to keep your hand on your back and slowly lift your legs. While performing this pose, you need to ensure that your entire body should be in a straight line, and your upper arm should support your back. Hold onto this pose for 10 seconds. You can get a sound sleep at night as this pose also improves your sleep pattern and the respiratory system.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Yet another effective yoga asana to lose weight is Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. Apart from reducing weight, this asana will also help you decrease your body’s level of thyroid and glut. It also enhances muscle tone along with digestion and also regulates the body’s hormones. Furthermore, this yoga asana is very much effective in reducing back pain and strengthening the back muscles. To perform this pose, you need to lie down on the mat with your back on the floor. Then you have to draw your feet inwards towards your hips. You need to ensure that your feet should be parallel to each other, and your knees should not be pointing outward. If you need to lift yourself with your stomach towards the ceiling along with your thighs, back, and hip. You must remain in this pose for 10-15 seconds.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

The Adho Mukha Svanasana is another weight loss asana in yoga.  This yoga pose helps you to tone your whole body by providing more attention to some muscles. Holding on to this pose and giving primary concentration on your breathing tones, and your muscles engages them. Moreover, it also increases blood circulation in your body and enhances your concentration. You can not only reduce weight with this yoga asana, but also it helps to strengthen your back, hamstring, and thigh.

Thus, you can follow the above-discussed weight loss asanas in yoga to get a healthy body and maintain a healthy weight. These asanas will not only help you reduce weight but also help you to strengthen your muscles and tone them.

Written by Jagannadh Ch