How to Increase Oxygen in Blood with Food?

Needless to mention, oxygen is absolutely mandatory for the survival of human beings – without which, one cannot survive. It provides the human body with the energy to perform day-to-day tasks. More than 90% of the body’s energy is due to oxygen and the rest 10% is due to water and food. And all our body organs get an effective supply of oxygen from our blood. When we breathe in oxygen the red blood cells in our body get attached to it and carry them into our bloodstream.

Consequently, it becomes essential to maintain the normal level of oxygen in the blood which ranges from 95%-100% —– which we all have realized during the Covid pandemic (remember we checked oxygen saturation levels to be at least 92%). To maintain an adequate amount in the blood, we must consume oxygen-rich foods.  In this article, we will see how to increase it in blood with food – foods that help to increase oxygen in the blood.

Foods to Increase Blood Oxygen Levels


Pomegranate is one of the best foods to boost the oxygen levels in the blood. They consist of a large number of nitrates and polyphenol antioxidants which are effective validators. One can consume pomegranate as juice, a supplement, or raw fruit while having a break to increase its level in the blood. It aids in the oxygenation of the tissues in muscles and thus provides more energy to an individual. Similarly, one can prefer to eat this oxygen-rich supplement before proceeding with their workout session to have less muscle damage and decreased soreness.


Onion is another best vegetable that increases the blood oxygen levels in the body. Onions aid in enhancing the circulation of oxygen through the blood by widening the veins and arteries during increased blood flow. This alkaline oxygen-rich diet has effective anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the inflammation in arteries and veins and augments blood flow.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish also falls among the list of oxygen-rich foods. The fats present in the fishes like mackerel and salmon release nitric acid which helps in dilating the blood vessels and thereby enhances the blood flow in the body. Similarly, these fish also consist of omega-3 fatty acid that prevents the clumping of the platelets and thus prevent blood clot.

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It is another effective food that helps in increasing the oxygen in the blood. Garlic has compounds of sulfur including allicin which helps in enhancing the tissue blood flow and also reduces the blood pressure level by reducing the stress on the blood vessels in our body.


Berries are also oxygen-rich supplements that one can include in their diet to enhance the oxygen in the blood. They comprise anthocyanin that has anti-oxidant properties and it gives the berries purple and red color. The anthocyanin in berries functions by keeping the blood vessels flexible and providing protection to the artery walls. Similarly, berries also aid in the process of releasing nitric oxide which reduces blood pressure.


Beetroot is an alkaline oxygen-rich diet that you can include in your diet to have more oxygen in your blood. They consist of a large amount of nitrate and when it enters our body it gets converted into nitric oxide and this increases the blood flow toward the muscle tissues. And it has been found that drinking beet juice or consuming beet just before workouts or before playing a match supplies the body with more amount of energy and thereby boosts performance. This happens because, beets help in stimulating the blood flow, enhancing the flow in the blood.


Walnuts are also another type of food rich in oxygen.  They consist of numerous beneficial compounds like alpha-lipoic acid, Vitamin E, and I-arginine. Regularly eating walnuts would help in reducing blood pressure, have less inflammation in the body, enhance blood vessel function, etc. Not only young people will benefit from consuming walnut, but also adults who suffer from diabetes will benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I increase my blood oxygen level quickly?

There are many natural ways that help you to increase the oxygen in the blood quickly. You can include different oxygen-rich supplements like walnut, beetroots, berries, etc in your diet to increase oxygen in the blood. Similarly, you can spend some time outdoors to breathe in the fresh air or you can simply open all the windows in your room to get some fresh air. Moreover, you can also practice some breathing exercises like deep belly breathing,  pursed-lip breathing, etc. Apart, from this, you can also grow some plants in your home to get purified air, the plants in the room help in increasing the oxygen level in the room and thus you get more of it. It’s best to evaluate the levels in the body by using an oximeter.

2. How Can I Naturally Oxygenate My Blood?

You can naturally oxygenate your blood by consuming oxygen-rich foods like fatty fish, pomegranate, garlic, onion, etc. Apart from this, you can also consume iron-rich foods which increase your blood’s ability to easily absorb more. Also, practice meditation which involves deep breathing on daily basis to reduce stress and also enhance your body’s oxygen intake capacity.

3. Which Fruits Contain More Oxygen?

If you were looking for ways how to increase oxygen in your blood with food then you can prefer to eat oxygen-rich fruits like oranges, grapefruit, watermelon, etc. These foods consist of an adequate amount of oxygen along with other nutrients to provide the body with adequate energy.

Written by Jagannadh Ch