What is Mammogram?

A mammogram refers to an X-Ray examination of the breast to detect and diagnose breast diseases in women such as pain, lump, nipple discharge, etc. The test enables the effective detection of benign tumors, breast cancer, and cysts. Doctors prescribe this test when they suspect breast cancer in an individual. This test is regarded as the best test to detect deadly breast cancer in its early stages.

For 30 years, mammogram test has been used with technological advancement in science and medicine, the test has also evolved in terms of both results and techniques. In this article, you can learn more about this test, how it is done, and what its types are.

How is a Mammogram Test done?

To undergo the mammogram screeningthe woman who will undergo the test will have to stand in front of the X-Ray machine. Then a technologist will place a plastic plate on the breast of an individual. Another container will be used that will firmly press the breast from above. These plates will efficiently flatten the breasts and hold them in a still position while the X-Ray is being done. In this process, one will feel some pressure in the chest area.

How does a Mammogram Feel?

Undergoing the mammogram screening tends to be uncomfortable for most women. For some, it may also be painful. But the test only lasts for a few seconds; thus can get relief from the pain or discomfort immediately. Some extent of this pain and physical sensations will also depend on the technicians’ skills. At MedPlus Diagnostics, the technicians who perform this mammogram test ensure that women feel the least or zero pain/discomfort.

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Digital Mammography

The development of digital mammography technology enables enhanced breast imaging. In the case of women who are less than 50 years of age, women who are in their premenopausal or post-menopausal stage, women with dense breast tissue, etc., can have an efficient breast imagining for the detection of breast cancer in early stages. Digital mammography or digital mammogram screening provides compelling electronic images of the breast, which are further enhanced by computer technology.

Though the procedure of a mammogram and a digital mammogram is equal, in the case of a digital mammogram, the photos are electronically transmitted efficiently to the areas where remote access to mammograms is difficult.

At MedPlus Diagnostics, all the breast cancer screenings are done using the mammogram test are done using digital mammogram, and skilled and proficient technicians and radiologists ensure that the screening is done in a seamless and hassle-free manner and you will not have to undergo any kind of discomfort or pain during the screening.

Different Types of Mammograms

Now from our above discussion, you might have got a comprehensive idea about what is the test and why it is the best test for breast cancer screening. Now let us have some discussion on what are the different types of mammogram tests.

Screening Mammogram

One of the most popular types of mammograms is the screening mammogram. It is the X-Ray of the breast where the doctor has advised performing this test to detect breast changes in women who have no signs and symptoms of breast cancer. In this screening, two X-Rays of each breast are done. In this type, even the tumor which cannot be felt can also be detected.

Diagnostic Mammogram

Another popular type of mammogram screening is the diagnostic mammogram. In this type, the X-Ray of the breast is done where changes such as pain, lump, nipple discharge or thickening, and change in size and shape of a breast is detected. The diagnostic mammogram is done to efficiently analyze the abnormalities detected during the screening mammogram test type. It is a basic tool it can detect breast cancer or tumor irrespective of the age of the woman.

Tips for Getting a Mammogram

Lets us have a look at a few tips which can make your breast cancer screening through the mammogram more seamless and hassle-free:

  • Prefer not to get a mammogram a week before you get your periods or during your periods. As in this period, your breast may become more sensitive and swollen.
  • While going for the mammogram test, do not use any deodorant, perfume, powder, etc. These products can cause white spots on the X-Ray pictures that can cause the detection of breast cancer or tumor difficult.
  • Prefer not to wear a skirt, top, pants, etc., while going for the mammogram screening. Instead, the most comfortable outfit you can prefer to wear while going for the screening is a loose fit


Thus, above, we discussed what mammogram test is and what their types are. We have also discussed how it feels like undergoing a mammogram test and tips to make your mammogram test more seamless. This will provide you with in-depth knowledge about mammograms. If you see any changes in the size and shape of the breast or lump on them, immediately contact your doctor and undergo the mammogram test so that breast cancer can be detected in the early stages and early treatment can be done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Difference Between Mammograms and Breast Screening?

Breast screening is simply an annual preventive exam. In contrast, a mammogram is an in-detail screening of how to determine breast cancer in an individual. Breast screening tends to last between 10-20 minutes, whereas a mammogram takes some time.

Which test is for Breast Cancer?

A mammogram is the most accurate test to determine breast cancer in an individual. It is an effective test to find breast cancer early. This detailed X-Ray of the breast is done to ascertain the breast cancer when it is in its early period and before it is big enough to cause serious complications.

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Written by Jagannadh Ch