Best Way to Detoxify Dirty Lungs

The human lung is a vital organ without which the survival of a human cannot be imagined as it helps in the process of respiration. However, due to the rising level of pollution in the air that one breathes in and also due to some habits like smoking cigarettes, toxic air is getting into the lungs and making it toxic, which can have a negative impact on health. It can give to health problems such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), etc. But the best way to detoxify the lungs is to try lung cleansing techniques. Yes, there are certain ways in which dirty lungs can be easily cleaned and replaced with fresh and pollution and smoke-free air. Hence, in this article, we will discuss the best ways to detoxify dirty lungs, following which people can easily maintain good lung health and detoxify their dirty lungs:

Steam Therapy

One of the best ways to detoxify lungs is to try steam therapy. This therapy is a common therapy that is often recommended by doctors. Steam therapy or also known as steam inhalation involves inhalation of water vapor to efficiently clear the airway in the lungs and also loosen the mucus if any. People who are suffering from any kind of lung condition can notice some of their symptoms getting worse in the winter months, as in this season, the cold climate can dry out the mucus membrane in the airways and also restrict the airflow. Using steam inhalation adds some warmth as well as some moisture to the air, which may not only improve breathing but also helps to loosen the mucus present inside the lungs and airway. Inhaling vapor can not only clean the dirty lungs but also provide immediate relief.

steam therapy

Breathing Exercises

There are certain breathing exercises that also help to clean dirty lungs. These exercises are suitable for those who smoke or previously used to smoke. Breathing exercises with the use of a spirometer can also help to detoxify the lungs as well as enhance the lung’s capacity to respirate. However, there are other breathing exercises, such as lip breathing and belly breathing, which do not require the use of any assistive devices.

breathing exercise

Practicing Percussion

Percussion or also known as chest percussion is a technique that can help to drain fluid from the lungs. In this exercise, one has to lie down on their head lowered and then tap lightly on the back, working from top to bottom. In this exercise, the fluids are easily removed from the lungs along with the toxic particles and thereby cleansing the dirty lungs. People with pneumonia and cystic fibrosis can use this exercise.

practicing percussion

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Aerobic Exercises

Another effective way to detoxify the lungs is to perform aerobic exercise. The exercise routine to clean dirty lungs should include various aerobic activities which can enhance the lung’s capacity. Aerobic exercises such as running, walking, swimming, cycling, boxing, dancing, etc., can help to detoxify the lungs and remove the toxic particles and replace them with clean air as one breathes fresh air.

aerobic exercise

Avoid Artificial Scents

Another best way to detoxify lungs is to stop using artificial scents at home. There are numerous artificial scents that people use in their homes, such as scented candles, air fresheners, etc. People have a notion that they are making the air in their room smell good with the use of these products. However, these products are causing a significant negative effect on the health of an individual. These artificial scents are full of harmful chemicals that can tend to irritate the lungs. Hence, to have a good smell in the house and also detoxify the lungs, these artificial scents should be replaced with natural scents or fresheners.

Artificial Scent

Consume Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Consuming anti-inflammatory foods can also help to clean dirty lungs. Inflammation in the airway of the lungs can make it difficult to breathe and also makes the chest feel heavy as well as congested. Consuming anti-inflammatory foods such as leafy greens, turmeric, walnuts, beans, lentils, etc. would help to reduce the inflammation and thereby ease the symptoms and clean the dirty lungs

inflammatory foods

Consume Lung-Friendly Drinks

Consuming lung-friendly drinks is also an effective way to detoxify the lungs. There are certain drinks that not only help to cleanse the lungs but also enhance the overall health of the body. Drinks such as carrot juice and green tea, drinks which are in potassium such as bananas, dates, apricot, oranges, etc. These healthy drinks have a sufficient amount of antioxidants in them, which help to reduce inflammation in the lungs. Moreover, the compounds present in these health drinks can also provide protection to the lung tissue from the hazardous effects of smoke inhalation.

lung friendly juice

Quit Smoking

Quitting the habit of Smoking is regarded as the most effective method to aid the healing of lung damage and also clean dirty lungs. Smoking tends to cause lung damage and also fills the lungs with toxic air that is harmful to the body. It can lead to numerous complications, such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Though no faster results can be achieved by quitting Smoking, gradually significant results can be seen.

avoid smoke

Use Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are one of the most effective devices that helps to cleanse the air in the entire room and make it fresh and clean. Using an air purifier in the home is also an effective way to detox the lungs.

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Hence, above, we have discussed the best way to detox lungs. By using the above-mentioned, people can easily cleanse their dirty lungs and thereby ensure the effective health of their lungs. The more clean air enters the lungs, the better overall health the lungs will have. As the lungs are a vital organ of the human, thus it remains imperative to protect them and detox them.

Written by Jagannadh Ch