Best Products to Help You Quit Smoking

Cigarettes have been commercially available for the last few decades. However, pipes, bidis, hookahs, etc. have been used for smoking for ages. The negative health impact of smoking affects both active and passive recipients. Various health challenges can be faced by smokers, including respiratory, circulatory, and sexual disorders. Quit smoking is a worldwide program that tries to convince individuals for a better lifestyle. Individuals should take the initiative from this very moment to stop smoking and save the lives of themselves and their near ones.

Products used to Stop Smoking

Tobacco cessation products help individuals to quit smoking by taming their cravings. These anti-smoking products come in various forms-patches, toffees, gums, sprays, inhalers, pills, etc., some of which are prescribed by doctors to help quit smoking and some others can be taken by individuals on their own upon careful research and understanding. Nicotine replacement therapy is the best-proven method to control the urge to smoke. Some such products which help in the initiation of this Nicotine replacement therapy are:

Nicotex 4mg Mint Chewing Gum

Individuals who are in the habit of smoking more than 25 cigarettes a day should opt for the 4 mg dose of Nicotex. Most of these individuals start smoking within half an hour of getting up from bed. Nicotex, as a brand, has maintained its quit-smoking agenda for decades and offers varieties of products to help individuals stop smokingThe mint flavor of this gum offers a long-lasting effect on individuals, thereby reducing the urge to smoke a cigarette. This trusted brand offers sugar-free gummies for even diabetic individuals who want to quit smoking. The dosage of this product should be carefully analyzed to avoid nausea, abdominal pain, and other sicknesses.


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Nicotex 2mg Mint Chewing Gum

The 2 mg dose is advised for individuals who smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day. These mint flavor gums help to quit smoking gradually through regular use during the craving moments. It is advised to chew slowly to help the body get accustomed to the flavor. Once this helps in reducing the need for cigarettes completely, then individuals should start reducing the amount of Nicotex. The prolonged smoke-free intervals will soon transform into no smoking throughout the day. Therapy, advice, and support are essential to individuals who are willing to quit smoking due to awareness or health issues.


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Nicotex 4mg Paan Chewing Gum

The chew and rest technique should be followed in case of using the 4 mg dose of Nicotex. The paan flavor offers a refreshing feel to the individual and alters smoking habits. This product helps in the attempt to quit smoking by balancing the level of Nicotine desired by the body as withdrawal symptoms of cigarettes. Individuals should chew these till the flavor lasts and then throw them; swallowing them is not at all advisable.


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Nicowyn 4mg

Individuals who desperately want to say no to tobacco, gutka, and other addictions of this kind should opt for the Nicowyn mint-flavored gummies. The effect of this product on the individual depends upon the smoking habit and controlling will of the individual. There is no dosage schedule for this product; however, one should be aware not to take it throughout the day, like 20-25 times a day.

On prolonged use, this can also turn out to be a habit that leads to certain side effects. Individuals should make sure not to smoke any cigarettes during the consumption of this product to avoid unnecessary delay. No smoking should be the utmost will and desire once one starts consuming Nicowyn. The 4 mg option is for those with comparatively more addiction to Nicotine.

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Correct Way to Use Nicotine Gum

Individuals using these tobacco cessation products should follow a routine to get the best results within a little frame of time.

  • Choosing the right dose of Nicotine gum is the prime concern, and individuals should consult doctors while deciding on their need for gums.
  • Individuals should take a single gum every two hours for the initial few weeks of starting this product.
  • Individuals who are using gums along with the Nicotine patch should reduce the amount of chewing these gums within the day.
  • Starting with the lower dose is for individuals who consume less than ten cigarettes a day. However, higher doses at the starting level should be toned down eventually to help finally quit smokingThese are not regular chewing gums, which can be chewed anytime. These should be taken at a controlled rate and chewed slowly to let them work.
  • Accidental consumption of these gums by children and pets can cause certain sickness symptoms like vomiting, nausea, pain in the abdomen, uneasiness, etc.
  • Flavored gums are the best, as they offer a lasting effect and keep the cigarette smoking urge at par for hours.
  • Never consume more than 15 Nicotine gums to quit smoking, as an overdose of these can have painful consequences.


Starting the use of Nicotine gums abruptly will be of no use to smokers who are trying to quit smokingThe real physical addiction caused by smoking is really hard to manage. Most individuals don’t like the taste of regular Nicotine gums; therefore, they can choose the flavored option. Mostly, one should remember that Nicotine gums are not candies but rather are medications. Therefore, irregular attitudes to tobacco cessation products will not come up with any results. Individuals should be strict in following their anti-smoking routines to gain the best results.

Written by Jagannadh Ch