5 Smart Newborn Tips for First Time Moms

One of the major and exciting changes in a couple’s life is when their baby arrives in the world. The journey from pregnancy to handling the newborn baby is emotional, exciting as well as enthralling for parents. While both the mother and father have their own importance and roles to play, it requires extra caution from the mother after the delivery of the kid, as not only does she have to take care of her newborn but also take effective care of her own health without neglecting anything. Once the baby is born, first-time moms will have a lot of questions going on in their minds about what is to be done and how. Hence, to help first-time mothers, in this article we will be discussing newborn tips for first time moms which would help them to thrive, grow and enjoy their exciting journey as a new mom.

Tips for First Time Moms

Below is a list of tips for first-time moms which would help all the first time moms out there to smartly take care of their newborns:

Bonding with the Baby

One of the enjoyable parts of newborn care is bonding with them. Physical closeness with the newborn shall also promote an emotional connection. Attachment causes emotional growth, which further causes growth as well as development in other areas. Effective newborn tips for first time moms include cradling their baby and gently stroking them in various patterns. Similarly, using vocal sounds such as babbling, talking, cooing, and singing also induces emotional attachment in the babies as they love sounds. Similarly, swaying or rocking the baby gently while sitting in chair and reciting rhymes, poetry, singing, etc., also proves amazing in making an effective bond with the newborns.

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Ensuring Sufficient Sleep

Another newborn tips for first time moms includes sufficient sleep for both the mother as well as the baby. The newborns can sleep for as many as 16 hours in a day, but this will happen in short bursts. In this, the mothers may constantly be in an alert mode and it can prove extremely exhaustive too. A good way out of this is that the mom sleeps whenever the baby is asleep, this way, she can utilize her time better during the awake period of the baby. The father of the baby also can / does take turns with the mother to take care of the baby allowing the mother to rest in between.

In case of baby having trouble sleeping, rocking the baby is very useful. Trying different ways of rocking the baby (up and down motions / left and right motions etc.) would help in understanding which motion is helping your baby. That way, you would learn a hack to put your baby to sleep quickly and easily whenever required.


Changing the Diapers of the Baby

Another advice for new moms is taking good care when changing the baby’s diapers. Regardless of whether disposable or cloth diapers are used, the infant will get it soiled over around ten times every day. However, first-time moms should make sure they have all the necessary supplies with them before changing the baby’s diapers – a clean diaper, fasteners for cloth diapers, wipes and ointment, among other things. When a baby’s diaper becomes stained, the baby should be laid on their back and the diapers should be changed.

Before changing a baby’s diaper, gently wash the baby’s genital region with cotton balls, water, or wipes. Then, ointment should be used to either stop a rash from occurring or to treat one that has. After that, wash your hands before putting the other diaper on the infant. Furthermore, one has to remember that diaper rash is a common problem, and it occurs due to the frequent change of diapers, and thus in this instance, the parents of the baby should not get tense. This problem can be easily solved within a few days by a warm bath, using diaper cream, ointment etc.


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Stock Up on Baby Essentials

Stocking up all the baby essentials is another newborn tips for first time moms. Having all the essential items on hand will ensure that one will not have to run to the store to get all the baby essentials in the middle of the night or in the middle of changing the diaper, or while doing other baby tasks. First-time moms should stock up on all the baby essentials by categorizing them into three categories such as postpartum supplies, diaper essentials, and feeding stables. In the postpartum supplies, one should stock up on items such as ice packs, pain relievers, peri bottles, disposable pads, underwear, etc.

Similarly, in the feeding stables, items such as nipple cream, burp cloth, etc. Along with a water bottle, snack for the mom, phone charger, sterilized bottles, etc., should be stocked up. Whereas, in the diaper essentials, container to store diapers, a disposable bag to throw away the dirty diapers, ointment, cream, etc., should be stocked up.


Feeding and Burping of the Baby

Another newborn tip for first time moms include effective feeding and burping of the baby. First-time moms should remember that the baby should be only fed when they seem to be hungry. This can be indicated by crying, making sucking noises, and putting in fingers by the baby. Whenever the mothers see that the babies are doing such things, then only the baby should be fed. Doctors suggest feeding the baby at the interval of 2-3 hours, and if breastfeeding, then nursing should be done at the interval of 10-15 minutes. However, if the baby seems not to eat or does not have the inclination to eat, then a doctor should be consulted immediately. Another tip for first time newborns is that the babies often swallow air while eating, and this can make them fussy. To prevent it is imperative to burp the baby often.


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Hence, above, we have mentioned the new born tips for first time moms. The feeling of being a first-time mom is an exciting as well as an emotional journey with numerous ups and downs. Following the above-mentioned tips for first time newborns will make the journey of newborn care more seamless and hassle-free for the first time mom.

Written by Jagannadh Ch