Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure has become one of the major health problems across the world. Studies say that more than 30% of people are suffering from hypertension in India. This disease is regarded as a silent killer because it shows no symptoms but can cause sudden strokes or heart attacks. If the blood pressure of a human is 120/80 mmHg then he has normal BP. If the value is more than the nominal value then he is having hypertension. Usually, people suffer from this problem due to age, excessive alcohol intake, stress, weight, etc. It becomes essential to reduce blood pressure to keep the body functioning normally.

Ideal blood pressure keeps one away from cardiac arrest or stroke. Often people want to know how to lower blood pressure naturally and quickly.  People can easily reduce their blood pressure in several natural ways like doing a workout, reducing body weight, taking less stress, etc. Thus, to help people lower their blood pressure naturally below are some of the tips to lower blood pressure fast:

Workout Regularly

One of the most effective ways to reduce blood pressure is to work out regularly. In a medical research study, it has been found that people who work out regularly can effectively reduce systolic pressure by 3.9% and diastolic pressure by 4.5%. With regular exercise, the heart becomes stronger and pumps blood more efficiently and this puts less pressure on the arteries thereby reducing the blood pressure. If one cannot perform all the exercises then some of the easiest exercises which can be done comfortably by anybody are: climbing up & down the stairs, walking, gardening, etc. Less Sodium, More Potassium

How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast?

One of the most effective ways is to reduce the consumption of sodium and increase the consumption of potassium. If you consume more potassium-rich foods, it will reduce the effects of salt in your body and also the tension in the blood vessels.

Reduce Body Weight

Reducing body weight is one of the prime and best natural ways to treat blood pressure. People who are overweight are prone to suffer from high blood pressure problems and it also makes them prone to heart diseases. Therefore, it remains vital to reduce your body weight by regularly performing exercises and by following other dietary measures.

Reduce Intake of Sugar

Control blood pressure naturally by reducing sugar intake as well as refined carbohydrates. In numerous research studies, it has been found that reducing the consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar can help reduce weight as well as reduce blood pressure.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Another natural remedy to control blood pressure is to reduce caffeine intake. Coffee can often increase blood pressure and make it remain on the higher side for a few days. Instead, one can prefer to drink tea to have a reduced risk of blood pressure or heart disease. People who do not regularly drink coffee are more prone to suffer from hypertension than people who drink them regularly.

Eat Chocolate

Eating chocolate regularly can boost body metabolism as well as mood. Apart from this, it is also one of the natural ways to regulate blood pressure. One should consume a small portion of dark chocolate daily to have a healthy heart. This is because dark chocolate consists of flavonoids that cause the blood vessels to get dilated.

Consume Less Processed Foods

Excessive salts which get accumulated in the body come from the processed foods consumed. Usually, low-fat foods comprise a high amount of salt and sugar which is harmful to our bodies. When we cut down on these foods, it means that along with these foods we are cutting down the intake of salts, sugar, and refined carbohydrate as well. Thus, consuming less amount processed foods tends to be another effective way to lower your blood pressure quickly.

Manage Your Stress Level

Managing stress better is another natural way to combat blood pressure. One of the major factors which trigger high blood pressure in the body is stress. Not only adults but also teenagers who suffer from high excessive are prone to suffer from the problem of hypertension When there is excessive stress in the body the heart rate becomes faster and blood vessels become more constricted. Furthermore, in stressful situations, an individual starts drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, etc which are harmful to the body and also increase blood pressure.

Thus, you need to manage your stress level to have fewer chances of suffering from hypertension. You can easily reduce stress by listening to soothing music which calms down your mind, works in less stressful situations, engages in your favorite activity, spends some time amidst nature, etc.

Quit Smoking

If you were looking for ways how to lower blood pressure fast, then another most effective way is to quit smoking. The chemical present in tobacco can cause damage to the blood vessels and this causes blood pressure to increase.

Consume Calcium-Rich Foods

People who have low amounts of calcium in their bodies are more prone to suffer from the problem of hypertension. Therefore, one of the effective tips to lower blood pressure fast is to consume foods that are rich in calcium. Some of the calcium-rich foods include milk and milk products, beans, green leafy vegetables, etc.

Get Effective Sleep

People who are deprived of effective sleep can suffer from the problem of hypertension. Therefore, another natural remedy to control blood pressure is to get effective sleep. To get effective sleep you can spend your night relaxing before going to bed, maintain a regular sleep schedule, avoid sleeping during the daytime, etc.

Thus, the above are some of the natural ways to reduce blood pressure.  If you are a person with hypertension then the above measures are for you. These natural tips will help you reduce your blood and thereby maintain a healthy blood pressure level without taking any medications.

Written by Jagannadh Ch