National Microtia Awareness Day 2019 – 9th November

Aim of the Day:

November 9 is mark as National Microtia Awareness Day. The day aims to extend hope and awareness concerning birth defects that derive its name “Microtia” from the Latin term which means – the small ear. It is the appearance of one or both of the ears (outer parts) – they are marked by a small or an abnormally shaped ear; or almost no shape of the ear at all. At times, Microtia co-exists with Atresia (absence or abnormal narrowing of the opening/passage of the ear), and therefore, it results in hearing loss in the affected ear(s).

National Microtia Awareness day aims to educate the public about this rare condition and facilitate support to families who are affected by these birth defects. A medical professional can give support and quickly educate or reassure the patient or the patient’s family member(s). But in remote areas, this rare condition may lead to unnecessary concerns about their child’s future.

microtia awareness day

Melissa also founded the ear community in 2010 to give information, support, and resources to all those affected with Microtia.

All you need to do is, create awareness and reduce the stigma associates with Microtia and Atresia. People with it can lead a better life with advanced medical technologies such as ear reconstruction and prosthetics. Hearing loss in the effect on ear can be fix with bone conduction hearing devices. This is how parents who have children affected with Microtia have many resources. And support which is now available readily through technology and awareness.

Celebrate with us “National Microtia Awareness Day” by sharing this blog. Sharing is caring and let’s bring awareness among people. And give moral support to the families who suffer from this condition.


Written by MedPlus