National Cancer Awareness Day 2019 -Things to Know about Cancer

It’s National Cancer Awareness Day 2019! It’s all about cancer awareness.

Celebrated every year across the country on 7th November, this day stresses on cancer awareness and prevention, common signs and symptoms of cancer that can help in early detection, cancer treatment, etc.

What is cancer?

To answer “what is cancer” in the simplest way, cancer is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. The old cells in the body stop dying and the new cells continue to be grown thus leading to the formation of new, extra and abnormal cells. This is how cancer starts. These extra cells may sometimes form a mass of tissue(s) called a tumor(s).

The importance of cancer awareness

Creating awareness of cancer enables people to detect their condition at the earliest and thus helps to get the right treatment at the right time increasing the chances of survival and cancer cure. Appropriate cancer diagnosis and treatment are extremely important for victims and being aware of this deadly disease is the first step to safety.

So what are the signs and symptoms of cancer?

While there can be numerous and rare indications in total, few of the most general signs and symptoms of cancer are given below. Take note that these cancer symptoms are not definite indications that you are cancer positive. They can be mutual to other lesser severe diseases/conditions/infections. They could indeed be early signs and symptoms of cancer and you might need medical assistance.

1. Signs as common as fever

2. Body pains [or pain in a body part(s)]

3. Persistent cough 

4. Cough that spills out blood

5. Blood-tinged saliva

6. Drastic change in bowel routine

7. Blood in the stool (rectal bleeding)

8. Unexplained anemia

9. Unexplained weight loss

10. Lumps – in the breast, testicles, or other parts

11. Breast discharge

12. Change in color of urine

13. New/sudden warts, moles

14.Change in skin type/color/pigmentation

15. Indigestion, extreme fatigue, etc.


Be aware of the above-mention warning symptoms of cancer, be aware of cancer and keep spreading the word. Make sure everybody around you knows about cancer.

Written by MedPlus