How Much to Sleep & Tips to Sleep Better

Sleep is essential to maintain good mental and physical health. However, as we get older, we start neglecting good rest and sacrificing it for work or entertainment purposes. Getting sound sleep is as important as doing exercise. Read this article to know how much sleep is necessary and follow to ensure quality rest.

Tips to ensure quality sleep in adults

Sleepless nights or insomnia are becoming a significant issue nowadays. It can make you physically tired and mentally stressed, making your schedule chaotic. It is essential to know the causes of your sleeplessness before treating them. Once you see the root causes, you can quickly get the way through the issue and see them off forever.

Besides, follow the tips listed below to ensure quality sleep –

1) Keep your mind away from stress.

One of the main reasons behind sleeplessness is keeping your mind involved in stress and tension. So save yourself least concerned about the matters giving your mental anxiety and stress. Try and live happy, keeping your mind in a jolly mood always. Or if you are unable to do so, then make efforts to divert your mind from those issues by engaging yourself in some other work. Doing so would surely help you in preventing problems like insomnia.

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2) Avoid watching television late at night.

On not feeling sleepy, you may habit of watching television late at night. And this can be one of the reasons for your sleeplessness. So avoid watching tv late at night as it is not only one of the causes of insomnia, but it may also lead to your ill health. Watching television late at night will reduce your hours of sleep, which would add stress and physical tiredness to your routine the next day.

Eventually, it would lead to insomnia. So even if you are not feeling sleepy, just be laid on the bed, and you would fall asleep within some time. Merely thinking about “how much sleep do I need” won’t do any good to you. Take necessary actions to get rid of the issue.

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3) Avoid caffeine before going to bed

People are in of habit of drinking a cup of coffee before going to bed. And you may also be habitual of the same. But drinking coffee before going to bed is not a healthy habit. Drinking caffeine before going to bed makes it hard for you to sleep. And this would lead to sleeping disorders and, in a way, would be the cause for insomnia. Instead of consuming caffeine, you can have a cup of milk a few minutes before going to bed. It will not only make you healthy but also helps in maintaining a sound sleep.

4) Exercise regularly

Exercising is one of the best ways to get rid of insomnia. Regular exercise allows you to have quality sleep. However, exercising just before bedtime should be avoided. It’s advisable to perform mild activities or practice yoga at least 3 hours before going to sleep.

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5) Don’t drink or eat right before going to sleep

If you eat dinner at late hours or take any snacks before going to sleep, you’ll have to stay awake for late hours, as this will activate your digestive system. And this will make turn insomnia worst. Thus, it’s quite essential to avoid drinking or to eat right before your bedtime. Additionally, drinking fluids in massive quantities before going to bed could result in an overwhelming bladder, and you’ll need to visit the bathroom frequently, which will, in turn, disturb your sleep.

6) Take a Warm Bath

It is one of the best sleep aids and also a great way to make your body relaxed. But do not overdo it, or else you will exhaust your body. You can use a cup of Epsom salts, baking soda, or any other bath salts and dilute them in the bathing water. It helps remove all kinds of toxins from your body which means you can enjoy a sound sleep.

7) Drink Herb Tea/Milk

Drinking a glass of milk 15 minutes before going to bed also treats insomnia. But if you don’t like dairy products, you can drink other herbal liquids such as hot camomile, anise, fennel tea, or catnip. All these herbal drinks contain natural elements that will help you in having a sound sleep. You can also try blends of herb tea that are specially designed to relax your body and help you get adequate sleep.

8) Consult an expert

Insomnia could be a result of physical disorders, tension, anxiety, or stress. The more anxious you get about your insomnia it will turn even worse. Therefore, it’s essential to see a doctor get the best insomnia medication. He//he might prescribe you some drugs which might help you in getting mighty sleep.

How much sleep do you need by age for individuals?

Most people don’t know how much sleep is necessary for maintaining overall health. Sleep requirements vary according to age and individual needs. According to the expert’s people aging above 65 years need at least 8 hours of sleep, while the duration is 7-8 hours for adults. School children need 9-10 hours, and teenagers 7-9 hours of sleep. Now that you know how much sleep you need, you can manage your schedule accordingly.

The Final Say

You can easily maintain good health by ensuring sound sleep in the given number of hours. Besides the above solutions, you can also practice Meditation. It is the best solution to every disorder of the body. So add meditation practice to your daily routine, and you will surely see a remarkable difference. It’s not about how many hours of sleep your take—instead; it’s about having a stress-free, peaceful sleep.

Apart from health benefits, it helps the mind to get free from all kinds of tensions. Meditation would also help you to relax your body and mind. And you would feel fresh, healthy instead of energetic at all times. Make sure to maintain a uniform sleeping and wake-up time so that your body can get proper rest.

Written by Bhargavi J