Top 10 Bad Eating Habits That Causes Weight Gain

Obesity has turned into one of the major health issues all around the globe, and across all age groups. It increases blood sugar levels, blood pressure and affects our metabolism. High amounts of accumulated fats also lead to causes heart diseases. Bad lifestyle choices and eating habits happen to be among the significant causes of weight gain in individuals.

Here is a list of the top 10 bad eating habits that cause weight gain:

1. Intake of junk food

Increased consumption of junk food is one of the popular causes contributing to increased weight. If you are looking for bad eating habits to break, then get started with eliminating junk food from your diet. Almost every fast food recipe contains a large number of carbs, sugar, and fats. These foods don’t offer the benefit of vitamins and minerals. In simple words, they are a good source of high calories and not any nutritional element, leading to obesity.

2. High consumption of sugary drinks/soda

Sugary drinks add to the body’s fat content and cause various chronic diseases, including obesity, heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, and more. Soda and soft drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners that can prove harmful to our bodies. They are one of the primary reasons for an increasing population of obese people. For overcoming bad eating habits, you need to limit the intake of high-calorie drinks.

3. Overeating/eating quickly:

Quick eating is one of the bad habits that contribute to weight gain. Lacks of time or stress are primary causes of bad eating habits and lead to overeating, which further causes obesity. In such cases, individuals end up eating more than their body demands. Excessive intake of food means high amounts of fat accumulation in the body. It is recommended to eat slowly and chew every bite properly so that it’s easier for the stomach acids to digest and break down the food.

4. Less intake of water

Even after having a good diet, if you have been wondering what makes you fat, you should keep track of your daily water intake. A minimum intake of 2-3 liters of water a day is mandatory. Studies and research have proved that low intake of water results in higher fat deposits.

Adequate consumption of water helps in flushing out various toxins from the body. Plus, it also eliminates the excess accumulation of fats while promoting healthy and glowing skin. It also improves liver, kidneys, and brain function. Sufficient amounts of water intake also help treat skin issues like psoriasis, wrinkles, and eczema, promote digestive health, and eases constipation.

5. Not taking exercise seriously

If you want to live a happier and healthier life, you need to focus on exercise and bad eating habits to break. Maintain a good diet and work out for at least 45 minutes daily. It boosts energy levels and helps in cutting off extra fats from the body. Alternatively, you can go for any outdoor activity such as jogging or running. Furthermore, you may also take to yoga which not only helps at the body level but is also great for the mind and eliminating stress.

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Exercising reduces the risk of cardiovascular illness, stimulates bones, muscles, and joints development. Plus, it also boosts the well-being and mood of the individual. Exercises also improve the digestive system and alleviate the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. But to get the best benefit of your exercise regime, it is essential to cut off things that make you fat.

6. Skipping the morning meal

You can’t ignore the importance of breakfast. Skipping this meal of the day promotes weight gain. After a long period of fasting, the body demands high-energy foods, which is for breakfast is highly important. The body fails to go back to high energy levels if you skip the morning meal. Also, the body uses the stored energy to keep the system in working condition until the intake of the next meal.

Most of the time, the energy is over-utilized, contributing to the accumulation of fats in the body. Out of all the causes of bad eating habits missing breakfast is the most prominent one. For this reason, physicians and dietitians emphasize the intake of healthy breakfast. If you skip this meal of the day, you could even suffer from constipation which is again a primary reason for various body ailments.

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7. Improper sleeping patterns

Sleeplessness or insomnia could is another prominent reason for weight gain. It’s tough to maintain the right body weight with irregular sleeping patterns even if you cut off things that make you fat. According to the studies, insufficient sleep may lead to increased weight. Also, if you stay awake for an extended period, it’s evident that you’ll feel hungrier, which means high consumption of food. So it is essential to give proper rest to your body.
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8. Eating the wrong mix of foods

Do you have a healthy diet but still gaining weight? To find out the main reason behind what makes you fat, check whether you have the right food combination or else it will result in digestive issues and obesity. It’s best to avoid spicy preparations, seeds, buts, artificially made foods, and caffeine to eliminate such problems.

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9. Consuming Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are loaded with a considerable amount of calories. Their consumption not only makes overcoming bad eating habits challenging but also affects our overall health. Alcohol intake increases the appetite of the individual. As a result, the person ends up eating more than required which leads to increased weight.

10. Reading books while eating

Television watching and book reading is counted among the worst eating habits. When you don’t concentrate on your meals, the chances are that you’ll end up eating more than required. So try to keep all the gadgets away while eating.

Concluding Word

Besides adopting good eating, you should build the habit of distressing and relaxing. Additionally, avoid sugary products as far as possible as it could cause increased cortisol levels in the body which means immunity and sleep issues and increased body weight. Most importantly avoid eating processed foods and focus on homemade meals. You can easily keep track of the calorie count on cooking meals by yourself.

Written by Bhargavi J