Home Remedies to Relieve Period Cramps

One of the worst nightmares in a woman’s life is period cramps. The period cramps or pain can be so bad that even doctors have given it a name which is known as dysmenorrheal. This is a very common condition among women and girls during their menstruation days. While some people experience mild cramps, some aren’t quite lucky. The pain from period cramps can tend to be extreme, and it can cause a serious dent in the day-to-day life of an individual. However, it is not that there is no end to this extreme pain. There are certain effective home remedies to relieve period cramps that help in relieving a person from extreme period cramps. Hence, to know more about these home remedies and how to reduce period pain, this article will provide an in-depth discussion about the various ways to try at home to get relief from the pain.

How To Reduce Period Pain

Below is a curated list of effective home remedies to relieve period cramps. By following the below-mentioned remedies, women suffering from extreme period pain cramps can get some pain relief:

Use a Heat Patch / Hot Water Bag

If you’re looking for ways how to reduce period painthen one of the most effective ways is to use a heat patch/hot water bag. Using the heated wrap or patch on the abdomen can relax the muscles of the uterus. The uterus muscles are the primary cause of period cramps. The heat from the patch can also boost blood circulation in the abdomen region, which also causes a reduction in pain. In numerous research studies, it has been found that using heating pads can help to relieve period cramps more than taking any medications. One of the most convenient ways to give heat wrap in the abdomen region of the body is by using the abdominal heat patch; they are very easy to use.

heated patch

Perform Yoga

Hearing this, it might sound like how to reduce period pain through performing yoga poses when someone is in extreme pain. However, nothing can be more soothing than stretching the muscles while doing yoga poses during a period of pain. It is found that people who perform yoga for an hour at least once a week for 3-4 months have less period distress and menstrual cramping than before.

yoga pose to ease pain

Massage the Stomach with Essential Oils

Massaging the tummy with essential oils is regarded as an efficient home remedy to relieve period crampsIn numerous research studies, it has been found that using essential oils can effectively ease period cramps when they are massaged onto the abdomen. Some essentials which people can use to get relief from extreme period pain are sage, lavender, cinnamon, marjoram, rose, clove, etc. To get enhanced relief, it is better to mix these essential oils with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil before using them.

massage oil

Drink Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are also regarded as effective home remedies to relieve period cramps. Certain herbal teas, such as peppermint and chamomile, are often recommended for period pains. They calm the body and thus provide relief from extreme period cramps and pain. Even other kinds of herbal teas, such as fennel and ginger, also provides relief from period cramps.

chamomile herbal tea

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Avoid Certain Foods

Looking for the answers to how to reduce period pain, then another effective way is to reduce the consumption of certain foods. Numerous doctors and health experts recommend avoiding certain foods during menstruation which can cause water retention and bloating and thereby increase period pains. Some foods that must be avoided during menstruation include carbonated beverages, salty foods, caffeine, fatty foods, etc. Cutting on these foods is found to decrease tension in the body and thus alleviate the pain.

avoid certain foods

Acupressure of Palms / Feet

Acupressure is also an effective way to get relief from period cramps. Acupressure points are available on various parts of the body – where the palms, feet, and legs are most frequently used. Putting pressure on certain points lead to improved blood circulation, and puts healthy and necessary pressure that helps in healing and reducing pain.

Pain Relievers and Supplements

When home remedies fail to help, the last retort should be pain-relieving tablets or supplements. But it is always recommended to consume these only upon doctor consultation. Certain medicines may not suit certain body types and other underlying criteria and conditions which is why it is always best to consult a gynecologist, or suitable medical professional for assistance before consumption – to avoid any possible negative side effects.

pain supplements

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The most effective pain reliever found to be helpful is the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs category. This type of painkiller not only provides relief from pain and inflammation but also efficiently reduces the number of prostaglandins made by the body. Some of the best NSAIDs include ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, etc. However, among these, ibuprofen is found to be giving effective results and also has fewer side effects. This medication can work best if they are taken at the first onset of period pain or cramp.

Furthermore, supplements can help but these are usually a gradual process and help when taken regularly. Different types of dietary supplements help to reduce period pain. Supplements such as magnesium, vitamin B6, B1, E, D, and B12, fish oil, calcium, etc., works wonder to reduce the pain and provide relief from the cramps. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking any kind of supplements as if taking some other medications may react with the supplements can cause side effects.


Hence, from the above discussion about the effective home remedies to relieve period cramps, following any of the above-mentioned ways will help reduce the period pain fast. The above-mentioned home remedies give efficient results and thus can alleviate the pain and provide an individual relief from period cramps.

Written by Jagannadh Ch