Your Liver-Your Life: Worst Foods to avoid for your Liver

Healthy diet and habits help manage the right functioning of the organs in your body. An unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle will impact a person’s overall health and lead to dysfunction or deterioration of vital organs, including the liver. The liver neutralizes toxins, cleanses the body’s waste and manages over the good activity of the brain, heart or thyroid. Yet our liver is an organ that is often mistreated. Here are the foods to consume with a great limitation for a healthy liver.

Worst Foods for a Healthy Liver:

1. Stay Away From Fatty Foods: French fries, burgers, and other fast and junk foods are a poor choice to keep your liver healthy. Eating too many foods that are high in saturated fats can make your liver harder to perform its job. In the long run, it may lead to inflammation, which in turn could cause scarring of the liver that’s known as cirrhosis. So, think about ordering a healthier option for a healthy liver.

2. Control on Sugar: Too much of the sweet stuff can increase your liver fat. That’s because part of its responsibility is to convert sugar into fat. If you overeat it, your liver makes too much fat, which ends up hanging around where it doesn’t belong. Over time, you could get a condition like fatty liver disease. So do assist your liver and make sweets an occasional treat.

3. Set a Limit on Salt: Your body needs some salt, but not just nearly as much as you probably get. Early research suggests a diet high in sodium may lead to fibrosis, the first stage of liver scarring. There are some easy things you can do to cut back. Avoid processed foods like cured meats. Furthermore, choose fresh instead of canned veggies. And keep urge at arm’s length by taking your salt shaker off the table for a healthy liver.

4. Be Moderate With Alcohol: Drinking too much can wreak on your liver. On an extended period, it can lead to cirrhosis. Even occasional binge drinking like four drinks in one sitting for women and five for men can be harmful, too. Try to minimize yourself to one drink a day if you’re a woman or two a day if you’re a man for a healthy liver.

5. Limit Packaged Snack Foods: Next time you feel the urge to eat packaged food, reach for a healthy snack instead. The problem with chips and baked foods is that they are typically loaded with sugar, salt, and fat.  High consumption of sodium can lead to retention of excess fluid in the liver and inhibits its function. Many of the processed foods contain trans fatty acids, these promote the formation of fibrosis, scar tissue take the place of damaged liver cells. But fibrosis can cause serious complications: cirrhosis, or even cancer of the liver. One good strategy to cut off: Bring a pack of healthy snacks with you to work. Try an apple a day.

6. Refined Cereals and Soda: This is a deadly combination of refined carbohydrates and sugar overdose that isn’t doing your liver any favors. These also increase the risk of fatty liver disease.

To conclude, fatty meals are also a bad choice, as these foods make the liver work more difficult and can lead to long-term inflammation. To help detoxify the body without weighing it down, try reducing your salt intake. Avoid processed foods and opt for fresh vegetables instead of canned vegetables.

We are made of what we eat. By monitoring the diet, we can return the favor and live life with a properly-functioning healthy liver. So be sure to choose the right fuel for your body.

Written by MedPlus