Get Rid of Gas Trouble

Gas trapped in the stomach and intestine can be uncomfortable. Not only discomfort, but the gas may also cause other symptoms such as cramping, sharp pain, tightness, swelling, etc. These days, people are becoming more fond of food, and varieties of food, more addicted to junk and processed food, etc. leading to more cases of gastric problems like bloating, indigestion, gas, heartburn, stomach pain, etc. And obviously, these conditions can have a negative impact on day-to-day life. one could be dealing/suffering with the symptoms of the gastric attack which naturally leads to distraction and ineffective focus toward the day-to-day chores. In this article, you will learn about how to get rid of gas trouble.

Ways to get rid of gas problem

Below is a curated list of effective tricks to try to get rid of gas trouble fast. Trying these tricks will surely help a person suffering from a gas problem feel relaxed and thus get rid of the gas problem faster.

Chamomile Tea

It is always said that in order to remove a problem completely, targeting the root cause will help to effectively solve the problem. Some types of tea, such as chamomile tea, fennel tea, ginger, etc. work wonders in reducing gas-related issues faster than what a gas trouble medicine do. Chamomile tea is prepared by boiling dried daisy-like flowers of chamomile, and it possesses anti-inflammatory properties and also mind-calming properties. Drinking this tea before meals or at bedtime will help to reduce bloating, indigestion, relief from tummy cramps, etc.

gas relief chamomile tea

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Beverages that sooth the stomach

Another effective way to get rid of gas trouble is by drinking beverages that soothe the stomach. This list includes beverages such as buttermilk, cold milk, lemon drink, mint juice, and apple cider vinegar. Drinking a glass of cold milk provides instant results from the burning sensation which is felt during acid reflux. Similarly, drinking buttermilk helps to neutralize the gastric acids in the body and prevent them from damaging and irritating the lining of the stomach. Not only this, but it also prevents the build-up of gas and provides immediate relief from bloating.

apple beverage

Furthermore, mint juice is another quick remedy to help resolve gas problems as it helps to get rid of the trapped gas and also ease the stomach pain due to gas. Lastly, another great solution to provide relief from the gas trouble is – drinking apple cider vinegar once a day.

Garlic with cumin seeds and black pepper

Another amazing home remedy to get rid of gas trouble without using gas trouble medicines is the combination of garlic with cumin seeds and black pepper. This combination is an effective option to naturally treat the problem of gas disorder. The ingredients used in this combo, comprise healing properties and also help in the process of effective digestion of food. Adding garlic to meals, soup, etc., reduces the formation of gas efficiently in the body. Take a cup of boiling water and add in a few cloves of garlic by grinding them, and a few black peppercorns and cumin seeds, and drink this water every day by straining it.

Consuming ajwain

Another efficient remedy to get rid of gas trouble is to consume Ajwain. Ajwain or also known as carom seeds are effective in treating the gas problem. The thymol present in Ajwain tends to trigger the release of gastric juice and thus aids in the proper digestion of food. To aid this, people frequently suffering from gas trouble should take a tablespoon of Ajwain and then gulp it down with a cup of water. Doing this once a day regularly will solve the gas problem effectively and thus provide relief from all the symptoms of the gas problem.

Ginger, cardamom, and fennel

One of the most efficient ways to alleviate the gas problem is by trying the regular ingredients available in the house, such as ginger, cardamom, and fennel. Ginger, referred to as the miracle herb, is used to treat several diseases. One of its uses is to get relief from gas trouble, and it is an amazing remedy for indigestion. Taking a teaspoon of ginger, along with fennel seeds and cardamom, mixing them in water, and drinking this water will surely help to reduce the problem of gas trouble. Not only it helps to reduce the gas problem significantly, but also it helps to reduce the gas production in the stomach.

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Hence, from the above discussion about the ways to get rid of gas trouble, following the above methods will help a person suffering from gas problems frequently get some relief. The above-mentioned remedies are effective in curing all kinds of gas problems, and they work wonders to alleviate symptoms of the gas problem from the body.

Written by Jagannadh Ch