Bad Habits of Teenagers that affect their Health

One of the most vulnerable age groups of all ages is between 13-19 which is called teenage. It is that phase of life when children are almost adults but not complete adults yet. Peer pressure increases and kids have a higher tendency to catch things that they should probably not. Teenagers often struggle/fail to distinguish between good and bad which is why that particular age is considered very vulnerable. Picking up bad habits can begin at such an age. Some bad habits of teenagers even have a negative impact on the health of individuals. Some habits, such as poor hygiene, excessive eating, a sedentary lifestyle, etc., can hamper the health of teenagers in a negative way. This article will shed light on some bad habits of teenagers which can have a negative impact on their health:

Excessive Fast Food

One of the most prominent bad habits of teenagers which negatively affect their life is eating fast foods excessively. Teens are often into eating outside food on a very frequent basis. Over-consumption of junk food can have minor to severe digestive, obesity, and other problems. Unhealthy foods have not only short-term impacts but also long-term impacts on heart health, overall metabolism, fitness, etc. The worst part is, such foods may not show their negative impact immediately but may suddenly show a dangerous symptom or disease in the long term.

exessive fast food

Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast also counts among the bad habit list of teenagers. Breakfast is a highly essential meal of the day. In the day’s rush to school/college/meeting friends and other activities, teenagers often tend to skip breakfast with the view that this would save them some time. However, this is an incorrect approach. Though it may save some time and help in the temporary situation, it has a significant impact on their health in a negative way especially in the long run.

skipping breakfast

Not Having Enough Water

Not staying hydrated for a longer duration is another bad habit of teenagers, which affects their health negatively. Unless thirsty, teenagers don’t pay attention to staying hydrated. They either forget or ignore drinking water throughout the day. This habit can lead to serious health problems in the long term, which would involve damage to the kidney, the occurrence of gallbladder stones, etc. Water helps in avoiding diseases, flushing toxins out on daily basis, keeping the skin glowing and healthy, and more. Hence, consuming sufficient water every day is very, very important.

not having sufficient water

Not Sleeping Enough

Staying up late till midnight is also a part of the bad habit list of a teenager that causes negative consequences to health. It is imperative for the human body to get proper rest and sleep, and without proper rest and sleep, the body cannot function effectively. Staying up late till midnight means that people will remain too tired and sleepy and thus cannot focus on their day-to-day tasks effectively. Hence, while one may get up after 5 hours of sleep, one may not be productive enough for the day that follows. Further, the long-term effects of staying up late till midnight also involve the problem of insomnia, which can further cause depression and stress-related issues in adulthood.

not sleeping enough

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Eating Beyond Capacity

Eating beyond capacity is another bad habit of teenagers that causes detrimental effects on their health. People in their teens are usually pleased when they are served more food, especially their favorite delicacies, and in this, they end up eating beyond their capacity. Due to this, there can be various impacts like loose motion, indigestion, obesity, high cholesterol, etc. Some issues may show up in the long run also not really in the immediate picture. Hence, it is crucial to eat in moderation and as much as the stomach can actually digest.

Eating beyond capacity

Smoking / Drinking Habits

Often due to peer pressure or social influence, teenagers get into the habit of smoking – they tend to think it is a good habit / a habit which looks cool in front of their peers. But the reality is the opposite – smoking kills and is not even cool in real terms. Smoking is extremely injurious to health and can cause real issues in the later years or in adulthood period. Smoking can cause cancer, respiratory ailments, and tumors and might also affect the body in a variety of ways. Therefore, smoking should be strictly avoided.

Smoking Drinking Habits

Drinking alcohol in excess can have many ill effects on the body and mind. It can lead to liver damage, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other health problems. It may also raise the likelihood of mishaps, violence, and other risky behavior. In addition, alcohol abuse can have negative impacts on relationships, work, and overall quality of life. It is important to drink responsibly and seek help if you or someone you know struggles with alcohol addiction.

Not Exercising / Working Out

Skipping exercise and workout is another bad habit list of teenagers which causes issues in their health. Often teenagers tend to take up a sedentary lifestyle which involves just sitting in one place and doing all their chores. This instills among them the elements of laziness and also a lack of awareness about the amazing benefits of exercise. Skipping workouts and exercises will make a teenager become obese, and this would further lead to various joint and postural problems in the later years of their life.

not exercising regularly

Not Brushing Teeth at Night

Another bad habit list of teenagers comprises of forgetting to brush at night. Dental hygiene is mandatory, and most teenagers do not follow an effective dental hygiene routine. They usually brush once a day which is in the morning, and thus neglect to do the same thing at night. This eventually leads to weak and yellow teeth and might also cause tooth cavities or tooth decay.

Not Brushing Teeth at Night daily

Extensive Use of Mobile / Laptop / Digital Screens

Teenagers often use mobile and laptops for a longer duration. This is another bad habit of teenagers which affects their health negatively. Spending hours before the screen not only cause addiction but also impairs the effective cognitive functioning of the brain as well as affects eye health in a negative way.

Extensive Use of Mobile Laptop Digital Screens


Hence, above, we have discussed a few bad habits of teenagers which can affect their health. Often teenagers pick up a few habits thinking that they are a trend or under the social influence, but all they do in following those habits are neglect their own health. Habits such as spending too much in front of the screen, eating unhealthy and junk foods, not getting proper sleep, etc., affect health in a negative way in the long term.

Written by Jagannadh Ch