Benefits of Tulsi Leaves for Health

Tulsi or also known by the name of holy basil is a popular herb that belongs to the family of Lamiaceae and is known for its immense helpful properties. This plant can be commonly found in every household. Tulsi has been found to be effective in protecting the human body from various infections and diseases of the kidney, liver, and skin. It comprises powerful oxidants which also keep blood pressure levels and cholesterol controlled. For the immense benefits of tulsi leaves for Health, it is also referred to as the queen of herbs.

Even though people are living nowadays amidst various health risks and rising instances of diseases such as cancer, obesity, heart problems, etc., having a magical herb at the immediate disposal provided to humans by mother nature is nothing but a blessing in disguise. However, to know more about the tulsi plant benefits. Following this article will provide in-depth knowledge about the benefits of tulsi leaves for Health.

Below are some of the amazing benefits of tulsi leaves for Health which justify why people should use this magical herb more.

Effectively Boosts the Immunity

One of the amazing tulsi plants benefits is that it helps in boosting the immunity of the human body effectively. Tulsi comprises efficient amounts of anti-oxidants along with micronutrients which help in fighting common health problems such as fever, cold, flu, etc. Chewing a few tulsi leaves or blending them in boiled water proves useful in reducing the symptoms such as cold, sore throat, etc. Similarly, tulsi leaves also help in curbing the growth of cancer-causing cells and HIV cells and thereby prevent life-threatening illnesses.

boosts immunity

Purifies the Blood

Another amazing use of the tulsi plant is that it helps in purifying the blood. This sacred plant purifies the blood and thereby reflects healthy skin. Drinking tulsi tea can work wonder to enhance overall health by flushing out the toxins from the body and also cleaning the digestive system. If someone drinks tulsi water regularly, then they will also get immense health benefits.

Tulsi Tea

Work Wonders to Heal the Infections

The Tulsi plant benefits also include healing infections of the body. For several centuries, tulsi has been used to cure wounds and infections owing to its anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Not only it has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, but it also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties too. These properties of the tulsi leaf help in healing wounds quickly and effectively and reducing inflammation quickly. Chewing or mixing the tulsi leaves in warm water regularly will give faster results.

wound healing

Reduces Blood Pressure as Well as Stress

Another amazing use of the tulsi plant is that it helps in reducing blood pressure and stress. Tulsi leaves comprise compounds known as ocimumosides A and B and which work by effectively reducing stress and balancing the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin in the brain of a human being. Similarly, the anti-inflammatory properties of tulsi reduce the inflammation in the body and also the blood pressure. Thus, people suffering from stress, anxiety, and blood pressure can prefer to consume a few tulsi leaves daily or also prefer to drink tulsi tea which is easily available in the market. Benefits of tulsi leaves for health benefits of tulsi leaves for health benefits of tulsi leaves for Health.

reducing stress and blood pressure

Protects the Stomach

The benefits of tulsi leaves also include protecting the stomach. The tulsi leaves work wonders to counteract the effects of stress-induced ulcers in the body. It increases the stomach’s defense by increasing the mucus, increasing secretion in the body, increasing the mucus cells, decreasing the stomach acid, etc. Though there are several drugs for peptic ulcers, they have side effects and cause discomfort. But consuming tulsi leaves will not only benefit the body but also protects the stomach. They have no side effects, unlike the other medications, and it is safe to take the tulsi leaves.

protects stomach

Analgesic and Antipyretic Properties

Tulsi leaves also have effective antipyretic and analgesic properties, which make them the ideal herb to fight infections of any type. Drinking fresh tulsi juice with some pepper helps to cure fever instantly, and the eugenol compound present in tulsi acts as a natural pain killer. Thus, it constitutes another amazing use of tulsi leaves.

tulsi juice

Makes the Heart Healthy

Making the heart healthy is another amazing tulsi plant benefit. An individual can seamlessly rely upon the power of tulsi leaves to keep the heart healthy and protected. The tulsi leaves have the potential to reduce the lipid content in the blood and effectively prevent the chances of stroke, hypertension, and ischemia. For this, it is preferable to chew a few tulsi leaves regularly in the morning or drink tulsi leaves with warm water regularly to get a healthy heart and thus remain free from any kind of heart disease.

healthy heart t

Effective in Preventing the Problem of Kidney Stones and Gout

Another amazing tulsi plant benefit is that it is effective in preventing the problem of gout and kidney stones. They work wonders to reduce uric acid levels in the body and thereby prevent the formation of kidney stones. Similarly, the diuretic properties of the tulsi leaves make them effective natural medication to cure the problem of arthritis and gout, and thus, by reducing the symptoms of arthritis and gout, people suffering from this problem can get some relaxation.

kidney stones

Works Wonder for Skin and Hair

The tulsi leaves are also beneficial for the skin and hair. As it is rich in antioxidants, it prevents premature aging and loss of hair.

tulsi leaves

Not only this but also tulsi leaves prevent fungus and dandruff from occurring. People suffering from dandruff problems can prefer to use tulsi leaves to cure this problem.

Thus, above, we have discussed the benefits of tulsi leaves for Health. They are an amazing natural healer and protect against colds, fevers, and flu. Not only this, but also they protect the heart and prevent other diseases effectively. Chewing tulsi leaves daily or drinking them with warm water gives amazing results and cures skin and hair problems too.

Written by Jagannadh Ch