5 Natural Home Remedies to Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is absolutely treatable. Naturally. Before you pop a pill. Before you book an appointment with your doctor. And before you panic.

If you are not even 40, 35 or even 30 and you are a victim of back pain, then you are absolutely not alone. Many of us are traveling in your boat and it is probably the lifestyle to blame. We are constantly demanded to be on-the-go. The 9-5 desk jobs, insufficient sleep, lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating and what not. So do we have much of a way out?

And can we really relieve back pain naturally?

There are definitely ways to get rid of back pain. Just at the first signs of back pain, people often tend to either pop pills for the pain or rush for medical help. But that isn’t really necessary in many cases. Because natural ways to treat back pain are real and they work. In this concise article, you will find some really effective and natural ways to treat back pain at home, with which you are very likely to cancel your doctor’s appointment.

But when is it time to see a doctor?

Severe conditions like slip disc, spinal cancer, back tumors, sciatica etc are complicated conditions which usually cause abnormally high pains. These pains would rarely subside with home remedies for back pain. On the other hand, the majority of the back pains occur due to overstress on the backs during over-exercising, due to unaccustomed actions, sitting for too long, accidents etc. This kind of pain which starts little can be treated at home with easy remedies. However, if the pain is unbearable and does not improve in 3-5 days after you try out home remedies, you should probably seek medical attention. Or with chronic pain that does not go away beyond 4-8 weeks, a doctor’s help would be necessary. Also, if your sleep is disturbed with jerks of strong pains during the night, then it is again time that you consulted your doctor.

So how to relieve back pain naturally?

1. Heat and Cold

The confusion between heat and cold packs is still prevalent. The basic function of a cold pack is to numb the area and prevent or reduce swelling. Thus cold packs are meant for immediate use after an injury. Whereas heat is used for soothing and relaxing the muscles, increase blood flow and enhance healing. Thus heat treatments can be used after 2-3 days of the injury after the usage of ice packs.

2. Bed Rest

A good night’s sleep of 6-8 hours depending on the age and lifestyle is a must for an average adult to ensure ample of rest to all the body parts. Therefore ensure you give your back and body the rest it needs every day. Apart from the daily dose of sleep, if the back pain persists, try bed rest for a day or two in order to refuel the lost energy of the back. Take note that the backrest should not extend beyond 2 days.

Sometimes, sleeping positions may be a trigger for back pain. Observe and change your sleeping postures accordingly. Probably also use cushions for support between the legs while sleeping sideways or cushion between the lower back and the bed if the gap is too large, etc.

3. Exercise

It is a common misconception that physical activity increases back stress. Regular physical activity is a must to ensure the normal functioning of the body. The back needs its doses of stretches and bends at least 2-4 times a day especially if you are committed to a desk/driving/screen job (anything that demands sitting for long hours) or any other kind of lifestyle that includes stress on the back in any way.

What are the kinds of exercises?

a. Start your day with a basic morning warm-up exercises

b. Ensure that you sit right all day

c. Hamstrings directly have an effect on your back. Thus stretch your hamstrings at least twice daily

d. Focus on strength building

e. Boost flexibility

f. Try some aerobic activity

4. Therapies

Therapies are usually combined with other medications instead of an independent method. However, even when used independently, they may cause relief to an extent.

What are the types of treatments?

a. Epsom salt bath: Just a basic long hot bath can act as a natural therapy for your back. Adding Epsom salt to the bath is added advantage to sooth body muscles.

b. Acupuncture: Therapists insert hair-thin sterilized needles into precise points in the body to release blocked energy. Often believed to be better than other treatment ways, acupuncture improves back function by loosening the muscles up and relieving pain.

c. Spinal manipulation: Chiropractors apply pressure directly to the body to correct spinal alignment. With this, the chances of reducing your days in bed are higher.

d. Therapeutic massages: Soothes the aching muscles and relaxes the sore or tense muscles.

e. Movement therapies: Practices like yoga, tai chi etc help stretch and strengthen back muscles. 3 months of routine yoga for average pain is believed to make a good difference in the long term.

5. Watch your height and weight

Obese people have a higher record of being prone to back pains. So keep an eye on your weight and aim to shed some kilos if you are overweight. Also, wearing heeled footwear too frequently may also trigger back pain due to the bending of the spine that happens due to the heels.

While back pain is believed to attack both men and women at equal statistics, the above set of tips and tricks are applicable to everybody. They are very likely to lessen your intake of anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers etc. MedPlus wishes you a doctor-free recovery!

Written by MedPlus