Top Vitamin A Rich Foods

Vitamin A, it is a fat-soluble nutrient. Vitamin A rich foods support your body to form healthy teeth, vision, bones, soft tissues, skin, and reproduction. It also helps relieve bacterial and viral infections, prevent night blindness, and maintains your hair and nails healthy, boosts the immune system.

There are various forms of Vitamin A that are needed for the optimal functioning of the body. It contains Retinal (required for vision), Retinol (a form of Vitamin A that can be stored by the body and converted to retinal when needed), and Retinoic acid (a growth factor needed primarily to regulate genes).

But how much of Vitamin A do you need per day? “To meet the requirements of Vitamin A, one should eat 2 whole fruits and vegetables every day, especially foods that are red, yellow and orange in color”.

What foods are rich sources of Vitamin A?

Plant sources of vitamin A food include fruits and vegetables that are orange, yellow or red in color contain a high vitamin A content. when it comes to animal foods rich in vitamin A are those that naturally have a higher fat content such as eggs, butter, liver or full-fat dairy are more likely to provide vitamin A since it is a fat-soluble vitamin.

Vitamin A rich food sources include:

1. Winter/butternut squash
2. Sweet potatoes
3. Carrots
4. Cantaloupe
5. Apricots
6. Spinach, kale, and collard greens
7. Spinach
8. Broccoli
9. Butter
10. Beef Liver
11. Egg Yolks

Other sources of vitamin A foods include cod liver oil, red bell peppers, raw whole milk (full-fat) and cheeses, mangoes, tomatoes, cantaloupe, green peas, papaya, peaches, oatmeal, and spices/herbs like basil and paprika.

Written by MedPlus