Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a precious gift given to women. Knowing that you are going to be a mother to a little one soon is an amazing feeling in every woman’s life. Pregnancy is also known as gestation. During pregnancy, a pregnant woman can experience uncomfortable physiological changes, symptoms and at times moments of fear and anxiety. However, all pregnant women may face many questions and doubts. Thankfully, there is abundant information available for women to know about pregnancy and what are the things to avoid during it.

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

a. Foods to Avoid:

There are certain foods to avoid during pregnancy which includes:

1. Raw meat: Do not eat under cooked beef and poultry because these may be contaminated with toxoplasmosis and salmonella. And also sea-foods such as Oysters, Calms, and Musscles especially when they are not cooked well.

2. Lunch meats: Lunch meats also known as sliced meats, cold meats, cold cuts luncheon meats, and deli meats are nothing but canned food/frozen food. These foods may be contaminated with listeria bacteria and may cause illness. Other than that, it affects the developing womb and fetus.

3. Mercury Fish: Avoid eating fishes which contain high levels of mercury-this includes shark, swordfish, tile fish, king mackerel, etc.

4. Raw Eggs: Raw eggs are prohibited during pregnancy because it may impose a risk of salmonella.

5. Dairy Products: Some unpasteurized dairy products may contain Listeria.

6. Caffeine: Taking more than the daily limit of caffeine such as coffee or tea and other caffeine-containing products may affect your fetal

b. Don’t Take Medication without Doctor’s Advice:

1. OTC Medicines: Some medication may be harmful to your developing baby. It is recommended not totake any medicine without your doctor’s advice.

c. Beware of Stilettos:

1. Heels: Heels are not recommended; it isbetter stick to flip-flops to avoid unwanted discomfort.

d. Sauna Bath: 

Do not sit in the hot water tub. However, you may feel relaxing but elevated body temperature during your first trimester of pregnancy may lead to certain birth defects. So it is best to take a warm bath instead.

e. Do not Smoke:

Smoking and that too second-hand smoking during pregnancy develops the risk of health problems to you and to your developing fetus, this includes preterm birth and also there may be chances of birth defects like cleft palate etc.

f. Do not Drink Alcohol:

Drinking alcohol may severely affect the developing fetus. Therefore, it is better to avoid alcohol completely during pregnancy.

g. Do not Diet:

Eat all variety of foods that you can eat during pregnancy and provide the essential nutrients that your baby needs for growth and development.

h. Activities to Avoid:

1. Diving/Sports: Diving and sports such as football, rugby, hockey, etc, are prohibited during pregnancy.

2. Exercises that Strain your Back: Exercises that strain your back may cause hypotension and dizziness at times. The reason behind restricting these exercises is the weight of the fetus may fall on the major blood vessel. Therefore, it leads to decreased blood flow to your and baby’s heart as well.

i. Stay Away from Paint Smell:

Stay away from painting smell and renovating houses because the toxic fumes from paints may cause unwanted side effects to the baby. However, the risk may be low but any kind of small risk to your baby is bigger during the 1st 3 months of pregnancy when your baby’s organs start to develop.

j. Stay Away from Cats and Its litter:

Cat feces are dangerous and it contains toxoplasmosis which may lead to brain damage and blindness to the fetus. Therefore, stay away from it or If you really have to do it, wear gloves and make sure, not to touch kitty poop and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.


Written by MedPlus