Your Skincare Guide this Monsoon

Skin types differ from person to person and thereby, a skincare routine also differs accordingly. But nevertheless, there is one obvious customary tradition among all of us irrespective of our skin type- the desire for flawless skin. Who settles for dull, gloomy skin? Perhaps nobody! A healthy skin not only fetches a lot of compliments and envious glances but also works well with raising one’s own bar of self-confidence. And with self-confidence comes a wider smile and with that, life gets better at every step. Underestimated the benefits of gorgeous skin, indeed?

However, we got to be a Roman in Rome. Not all seasons have the same effect on our skin, and we will have to alter our skincare procedures accordingly. Summers could get extra oily, winters could lead to chapped skin and monsoon could all be about dealing with humidity. Dampness blocks pore increases the oiliness of the skin and thus lead to acne, bacterial infections, irritation, rashes, ringworm, or more. The thought of it is enough to make us cringe! To help you fight humidity better and improve this monsoon, we bring to you, a simple and affordable monsoon skincare guide right here.

Skincare Guide

Block the Risks with Sunblock

It’s time that we debunk the popular belief that sunscreen lotion is applied only during the mornings and afternoons. The sun may be hidden, but harmful UV rays never hide. Thus it gets important to use sunscreen even during non-sunny times if leaving the house. Whether summer, monsoon, winter, day, or evening, using sunblock is recommended. A strong SPF of 30 is suggested when the sun is visible and if the strength of chemicals worries you, then you could alternate between SPF 15 during the absence of the sun.

Goodbye Makeup or Hello Waterproof Makeup

The combination of an unexpected rainfall while you can’t get undercover and regular makeup, can be disastrous. As an honest recommendation ladies, going free of makeup in monsoons can be really beneficial- not just to avoid the makeup lines showing after getting drenched, but also to flaunt your natural skin once in a while. However, ladies who do not prefer a makeup-free look should thank the waterproof makeup industry. With waterproof makeup, you can be assured of a mess-free face.

Frequent Visits to the Parlor

Rainy season can get nasty; bacteria can breed under your nails; dirt could clog your pores and more. Thus it’s a smart idea to frequently hit the parlor for waxing and some pedicure, and manicure pampering. It will remove excess dirt from the roots and refresh your skin, palms, feet, and nails to glory.

Wash, Wash, and Wash

Water can do wonders. Just splashing water on your face multiple times throughout the day will keep your skin glowing and dewy naturally. So simple right? However, it is important to use cold or lukewarm water only. Hot water baths or face washes cause harm to the skin.

Deep Cleansing

Face washes took over soap bars a significant time ago. And now the game has further stepped up: exfoliators, masks, cleansers, and scrubs! With growing pollution and increased usage of makeup, our skin is prone to much more damage than ever, and to fight this stubborn reality, it is important to use exfoliators, scrubs, deep-cleansers, and facemasks along with the regular use of face wash.

Do not forget to look for the best product that would suit your skin type. Scrubs, masks, cleansing lotions/creams, and exfoliators can be used weekly once to thrice depending on what your skin has faced through the week.

Scrubs come in various types. For dry skin, a mild scrub would be a better idea. Predictably, a stronger scrub would work well for oily skin and so on. Daily scrubs would be useful to those who are into fieldwork or prone to too much pollution as a part of their routine.

Scrubbing and cleansing remove pore-clogging at a deeper level after which the pores tend to be left open to the air. This could ironically attract little particles to settle in the pores, to avoid this, scrubbing and cleansing should be followed with face masks. Masking the skin will ensure the blocking of pores in healthy ways and thus prevent the re-clogging of pores with unwanted particles.

Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin and with dead skin sheds off some amount of dust and dirt as well, which is great news.

For the Natural Touch

For anti-chemical preferences, try fruit face packs or other DIY homemade packs. They will reduce the bombarding of the skin with chemicals day and night. Thus soothing the skin naturally and avoiding the reaction of chemicals with the humidity/bacteria in the air.

Tone and Moisturize Yourself

After a good wash, the skin may get devoid of moisture due to which it is important to pamper it back to life with some toner or astringent and then followed by a light moisturizer.

We hope these little tips and tricks help you to get perfectly smooth and glowy skin during this monsoon!

Written by MedPlus