Happy World Pharmacist’s Day

World Pharmacist’s Day is an awareness day to encourage the activities that promote and advocate for the role of Pharmacists in improving health and health education around the world, medicine must go in hand in hand with the pharmaceutical expertise, they are none other than pharmacists.

The world pharmacist day (September 25th) is celebrated every year with a new theme to showcase the positive role of the Pharmacists on health globally, pharmacists must use their skills and learning to safeguard health worldwide by protecting health and prevent illness from different diseases.

Before world Pharmacist’s day, the pharma week is celebrated – October third week, acknowledging the invaluable contribution made by Pharmacists and technicians to deliver patient care in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and other healthcare settings.

Safe and Effective Medicines for All

The theme of this year is “Safe and Effective Medicines for All” according to FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) the theme work towards to highlight the major role that Pharmacist’s play in protecting patient safety through better medicine use and decreased medication errors.

In this era, we proudly say that MedPlus dispenses genuine and safe medicines for all consumers. The stores are spread all over India – each with registered and well-trained Pharmacists and staff in their outlets. All the medplus outlets are maintained in optimal conditions to ensure the efficacy and safe usage of the medicines.

Role of a Pharmacist

a) Pharmacists must use their best knowledge and unique expertise to make sure that people get genuine and appropriate medicines.

b) They must ensure access to medicines and their exact use, improve adherence, coordinate care transitions, etc.

c) These days, Pharmacists are charged with added responsibilities – they must ensure the safety of the customer by ensuring that the medicine does not cause any harm to the patient.

d) Preparing medication by reviewing and interpreting physician orders.

e) Control medication by monitoring drug therapies.

f) Must provide pharmacological information by giving answers to the health care professionals and also counsel the patients on drug therapies.

g) Protect patients and technicians by adhering to infection control protocols.

h) Practice safe and clean working atmosphere by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.

i) Advice to patients about medication that includes direction for usage, side and adverse effects, drug interactions and food-drug interactions.

j) Supervise the manufacturing and production of medication and assessing the quality of medicines before they get delivered to patients from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Our sincere thanks to all the professional Pharmacists who are responsible for patient safety and education!

Written by MedPlus