Natural Home Remedies to Prevent and Treat Kidney Stones

Are you Battling with Kidney Stones?

Renal calculi or Kidney stones are an unpleasant condition in which small stones form in the kidneys, provoking severe pain as they travel through the ureters and Fallopian tubes between the kidneys and the urinary bladder. They affect around 1 in 11 adults. Most stones pass out spontaneously but some people require medical or surgical procedures to remove the stone. And some others turn to natural remedies before they opt for medical treatment for kidney stones.

The medical term for kidney stones is Nephrolithiasis. The most common process by which kidney stones are developed is super-saturation of urine. Moreover, When the levels of certain chemicals get unusual that they can no longer be dissolved, and the excess forms crystals or calculi.

The most common types are calcium (most prevalent), oxalate, uric acid, cystine, and ammonium acid urate stones. However, our Ancient Ayurveda is the most effective and natural way to treat Kidney Stones and other Kidney related ailments.

Here are Some of the Effective Home Remedies for Relieving Kidney Stones:

1. Water

The best remedy recommended for natural relief from kidney stones is water. Drinking plenty of water helps in keeping your body hydrated, and also in flushing out toxins and other unwanted minerals and waste products that are responsible for the formation of stones. Therefore, frequent drinking of water will make it easier for the stones to pass.

2. Lemon juice with Honey

usually, Lemon juice with warm or normal water is considered to be effective for kidney stones. Additionally, you can include honey or rock salt to this mixture to make it more palatable.

3. Coconut Water

Certainly, coconut water is a natural health drink and is considered to be good for the dissolving the kidney stones. Hence, this is proven in breaking and flushing out the kidney stones from the body through urine. Thus, helps in relieving the burning sensation during urination.

4. Lady’s Finger (Okra/ Bhindi)

Bhindi is a good source of magnesium with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, indeed it aids in the prevention of crystallization of chemicals in the kidney thus making it an excellent remedy for kidney stones.

5. Ulavalu (Horse Gram)

Horse gram is useful for prevention and also for getting rid of kidney stones and gall bladder stones. Specifically, the gram helps in breaking the stones into smaller pieces that can come out of the urinary tract easily.

6. Tulasi (Basil)

Tulasi helps promote the fluid, mineral and uric acid balance in the kidney. With this in mind, consume Tulasi leaves a few times a day as tea, juice or with honey. Therefore, it helps in expelling kidney stones from the urinary tract and maintain kidney’s health.

7. Wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass juice can help to expel minerals and salts from the urinary tract, preventing them from crystallizing into kidney stones. The essential compounds and antioxidants in Wheatgrass increase urine production, thus allowing stones to pass more easily and reducing the risk of their formation. Furthermore, the beneficial components of wheatgrass are obtained by consuming 2 to 8oz of pure extract or juice daily. These are the effective home remedies for kidney stones.

Tips to Prevent the Formation of Kidney Stones & Maintain Healthy Kidneys:

a. Avoid consumption of too much salt.

b. Exercise in moderation and hydrate yourself.

c. Drink plenty of water and healthy fluids. Include fruits and vegetables rich in fiber.

d. Avoid unhealthy foods like sugar, processed foods, sugary drinks, sodas, alcohol, beverages, and chocolates.

e. Avoid or limit the intake of meats, eggs, and poultry which are likely to increase the amount of acid in urine.

f. Whole wheat bread, vegetable proteins, pulses, and sprouts are a good alternative source of proteins, essential nutrients and fibers that reduce the risk of kidney stone formation.

Written by MedPlus