National Epilepsy Day – Find Help and Support

Every year in India, November 17 is marked as National Epilepsy Day which aims to bring awareness about epilepsy. Epilepsy is a chronic condition of the brain characterized by recurrent seizures/fits. These are due to sudden electrical discharges in the brain cells (neurons). This condition can affect people of all ages and exhibits different symptoms in individuals who are affected.

According to WHO, 50 million people are affected with epilepsy across the world, out of which 80 percent of people are from developing countries. Epilepsy is treatable but most people do not receive the required treatment. In India, about 10 million people have seizures associated with epilepsy.

Find the Symptoms of Epilepsy

1. Being in a state of unconsciousness
2. Tingling sensation
3. Muscle twitching (sudden twitching or jerks on hands and legs)
4. Muscles become rigid in the areas of arms, legs, and face

Reasons for Epilepsy

1. Brain damage – prenatal and perinatal injury
2. Congenital abnormalities
3. Infections of the brain
4. Brain tumors
5. Injury to head or accident

Seizures Process:

1. Do not be afraid of seizures.

2. Remove any sharp or harmful objects from around the person with seizures.

3. Loosen the affected person’s clothes (if tight neckwear, remove it).

4. Roll the person gently so that any fluid from the mouth can easily come out.

5. Keep a smooth pillow under the head of an affected person.

6. Allow the affected person to rest or sleep

If you affect with Epilepsy, follow:

1. Do not consume alcohol, as it may induce seizures

2. Take the medication as recommended by your doctor, do not discontinue the prescribed length of the course.

3. Do not start any new medication without your doctor’s opinion.

Written by MedPlus