Do and Don’ts of Medicine Usage

Medicines are important but they can also be harmful in case of an overdose. It is very important to take necessary precautions while taking medicines. Storage of medicines is one such factor to note. Always check the medicines to know the information about how to store them. Storing them in a prescribed place to avoid adverse reactions. It is important to understand the instructions about how to take the medicines. Follow those instructions whether it is a serious or trivial condition. Medicines work best if you take them in proper time intervals with or without certain foods. It’s best to get these instructions from your doctor / authorized pharmacist/healthcare professional. Never hesitate to consult your doctor if you have any questions about the effectiveness of the medicine.

Dos of Medicine Usage:

  • Follow the schedule and dose prescribed by your doctor.
  • Ask your doctor about possible side effects, and report any that you experience.
  • Ask your doctor about any drugs, supplements that you want to take.
  • Talk with your doctor about any drugs, supplements if you are pregnant, or breastfeeding.
  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist how to take your medicine e, with or without food? with or without milk? with extra water?Etc.
  • Keep a daily log of the medications you’re taking.
  • Check the expiry date and throw them away.
  • If you have any issues with your medicine, call your doctor.

Donts of Medicine Usage:

  • Stop taking a prescription drug only if your doctor tells you to.
  • Don’t take more or less than the regular dosage.
  • Do not mix alcohol and medicine unless your doctor allows
  • Don’t take medications prescribed for someone else.
  • Don’t let anyone else take medications prescribed for you.
  • Do not smash pills without first consulting your doctor or pharmacist.

By reading this article, you may get a clear idea about what are the dos and don’ts while taking a medicine. Also, you can get medicine home delivery online. Always, consult your doctor or physician if you have any queries or you noticed any side effects or abnormalities.

Written by MedPlus