How To Increase Libido in Women?

The presence of the loved one in life assures a healthy physical and mental life for the individual. The constantly changing world is affecting the quality of time that we are spending with our loved ones. Excessive work stress, time differences, gaps, food styles, etc., harm committed relationships. Lack of quality relationships with your partner will invite feelings of isolation and loneliness in your life. The interaction and formation of relationships have changed over the past decades.

Couples now rely mostly on online technologies for their date meets, tour plans, etc. The stronger the bonding between two consenting adults enhance the cravings for intimacy. However, preferences, life circumstances, feelings, etc. all vary from person to person. Libido or the drive to get intimate with the person you love depends on a lot of factors including diet, hormones, lifestyle, comfort in the relationship, medications, work-life balance, etc. All these factors answer the most relevant question amongst women- How to increase libido women?

Low libido in females is a common issue nowadays due to the intensive stress one has to endure. There can be many reasons for women to feel a lack of sexual drive like- stress, traumatic experiences, depression, rigorous exercises, etc. Moreover, some feel performance anxiety before being intimate with the person they love. Sexual incompatibility and turn-off can also be the reason, why the partner is not comfortable or relaxed with the other one. There are even cases of fatigue and familiarity between the couples, and the tendency to lose interest in your partner grows with time. However, couples should avoid getting into a monotonous relationship, maintaining the spark is the responsibility of both. There are numerous natural ways to increase female libido and offer a healthy mental and physical state.

Women can feel their lowered libido state by themselves; however, they can also seek physical examination, and blood tests, and consult the medical history of the self and family. There are many home remedies and lifestyle changes that can improve their condition. However, there are treatment options like counseling, stress management, hormone therapy, and medications in case the women need so.

Some natural ways to increase libido:

Aphrodisiac Fruits

Aphrodisiac food items are the answer to – how to increase female libido quickly. These substances help to enhance the sexual drive amongst women who are uncertain of intimacy. Figs, strawberries, bananas, avocados, watermelons, etc. enhance the blood flow to the genitals and thus improve the condition of low libido females.


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Chocolates are an all-time favorite of individuals irrespective of their age. Moreover, love birds even symbolize chocolate as the epitome of desire. The two main chemicals Phenethylamine and Serotonin which are released after the consumption of chocolates lift the mood of the partners and also add to their intimate moments.

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Just like aphrodisiac fruits, there are aphrodisiac herbs, which are a part of medication since ancient civilizations and cultures. These herbs stimulate the nerve ending in the genitals and increase nitric oxide, which enhances the blood flow. These herbs release the necessary hormones and answer female libido how to inconstantly. Ginseng, Muira puama, gingko biloba, cordyceps, fenugreek, maca, trinbulus, etc. are some of the aphrodisiac herbs. These herbs come from diverse lands and their availability depends on the climate and the nature of the area.

Aphrodisiac Spices

Spices also impact the circulatory and nervous systems of our body. Moreover, adding these to the food generates a delicious aroma which indeed lifts the mood. Ginger, red clove, nutmeg, saffron, fenugreek, cardamon, chilies, and garlic are some of the aphrodisiac spices.


It is a common saying that the amount of saltiness in seafood rejuvenates the spirit and uplifts the libido. Oysters, lobsters, shrimps, clams, scallops, caviar, etc. are all part of romantic dinners, which are followed by a pleasurable experience.



How to increase libido in women in the fitness segment depends on the amount and the type of exercises performed by the lady. Exercises release stress in the muscles and tissues, and also freshens up the body and mind of the performer. The Postures and positions stimulate the hormonal levels and the body craves the intimate desire. Moreover, exercising regularly will also let the women concentrate more on life and achieve their desired goals.

Mindful Meditation

Individuals may not be looking for strenuous exercises to boost their libido; therefore, they can opt for mindful meditation. Meditation helps to focus on what they are looking for. The slow breathing and the steady postures relax the tension brewing in the body due to work-life balance. A relaxed mind and breathing will initiate non-sexual intimacy, which will lead to bringing the spark of romance back and enhancing the libido.

Getting Adequate Sleep And Relaxing

Hormonal secretion depends on the internal clock that controls all the systems present in our body. Most women get stuck between managing the family and work. Therefore, they don’t get the time to relax and eventually get stressed and depressed. A tired body will not release the hormones necessary for sexual activities, rather will affect the mood and the relationship. Soft music, candles with refreshing essence, and romantic conversations can help relax the body and uplift the hormonal secretions.

In conflicts between couples, they tend to disagree, which affects their love life. Professional counseling of both partners can enhance their communication skills, resolve the underlying tensions, help them grow physical affection and intimacy, as a result, improve their sexual drive. How to increase female libido instantly depends upon the advice of the doctors and proper medications. There are physical and mental issues like dyspareunia, vaginismus, various infections, hormonal changes during pregnancy and breast feedings, etc. Low-libido females should be encouraged and given proper care and attention so that they can come out of the situation and enjoy their life. A happy love life offers peace, solace, and comfort during any situation or crisis in life. Therefore, women are advised to speak up about their issues and get the necessary treatment or comfort.

Written by Jagannadh Ch