How to Get Rid of Blackheads at Home

Picture this. There’s a party and you have put in a ton of effort to dress up and look great, meaning to charm everyone. Everything’s perfect except the blackheads which have made their appearance on your face overnight and now seem to be here to stay. Could there be a bigger killjoy? Not very hard to picture this, right? Well, that’s because most of us not blessed with great skin have gone through a scenario similar to this at some point or the other in our lives. So, what are these annoying little things which can make us miserable? Let’s read to find out more about blackheads and also the best way to get rid of blackheads.

What are blackheads?

Your skin comes in contact with all sorts of pollutants on a daily basis. It is your first line of defense. These pollutants clog the pores and create skin problems. The dark-colored and uneven bumps that appear on your skin due to clogged hair follicles are called blackheads. Blackheads are a mild type of acne that looks dark or black in color. These unsightly bumps usually form on the face, the nose, forehead, or chin area but they can also appear on the back, neck, arms, shoulder, or chest.

What causes blackheads?

When a clog or plug develops in the opening of hair follicles due to dead skin cells and oils in your skin, bumps develop called comedones. If the skin over the bump does not break and stays closed, the bump is called a whitehead and when the skin over the bump breaks open, the dead skin cells react with oxygen present in the air turning it black.

There could be other reasons for them to appear or become even more stubborn:
1) Heavy cosmetics which are oil-based

2) Shaving and waxing cause hair follicles to open up

3) Health conditions like stress, PCOS- Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, and PMS-Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

4) High humidity and pollution

5) Some steroid-based drugs like corticosteroids

How to get rid of blackheads at home?

Now, coming to the main concern, how to instantly get rid of blackheads at home naturally? Blackheads can be annoying and they can put a dent in your confidence too. But, fret not. Help is on the way. These can be minimized and probably even eliminated with the use of some easy-to-find ingredients from your own kitchen. Here are a few simple yet natural ways how to remove blackheads naturally. It is advisable to do a patch test before you proceed with any of the remedies to avoid any allergic reactions.

Egg white mask

The proteins found in egg whites have the capacity to tighten your pores which can help clear blackheads. Use egg masks if you have ever wondered how to remove blackheads on your nose at home. Wash face and pat dry. Take a clean empty bowl, crack an egg into it and separate the yolk. Whisk the egg white and apply on to your face. Place a paper towel onto your face and apply another layer of egg white mixture. Let dry completely and peel off the egg paper mask. Egg whites tighten pores, improve skin texture and also help remove extra oil from the skin.

Baking soda

Using exfoliating scrubs and masks often is a must when you have to deal with pollution and dead skin cells clogging up your pores on a daily basis. Baking soda is not only a very common ingredient found in every kitchen but also a natural exfoliator. Make a paste using a little baking soda and water and apply it to the affected area. Let dry and then gently scrub the area for a few minutes and then wash off thoroughly with water. Follow this regimen at least twice a week.


Clay masks are a powerful yet gentle way to clean the pores and eliminate extra grease and other impurities. Use masks made from fuller’s earth and kaolin clay to clear out the pores and detox the skin.


Lemon has vitamin C and is a great astringent. Mix a little honey with lemon juice and leave on for a few minutes. After five minutes, wash away with warm water. This regimen can be followed thrice a week.


Steaming your face is an effective way to help reduce blackheads. Boil water in a container, cover your head with a towel and steam your face for about 10 minutes. Steaming the face clears out toxins from within and helps get rid of grime from the pores.


Tomatoes are great as they are rich in vitamin C and A. Tomato juice has oil-absorbing properties. Apply tomato pulp to the affected area for a few minutes or until it dries and wash it off with water. Follow this regimen at least twice a week.

Healthy Skin Care Routine

One thing to always remember, the first step always starts with a good routine of face cleansing a minimum of twice a day.

Points to remember

There are certain things you should bear in mind while trying to get rid of blackheads:

i) Do not exfoliate with harsh or abrasive ingredients as they could do more damage than good.

ii) Wash your face daily with a gentle face wash, morning and night before you sleep, to keep it clean.

iii) Use creams or gels with salicylic acid as they can help prevent blackheads.

iv) Do not pick or pop your blackheads with your fingers or tweezers as this may lead to the spread of bacteria and may also damage your skin even more.

v) Use a light non-comedogenic moisturizer so your pores do not get clogged up.

vi) Try to not use heavy make-up products and go make-up-free as often as you can.

vii) Use fresh, clean laundry. Do not keep using the same bedsheets as accumulated dirt can get rubbed off onto your face.

viii) Go for detoxifying facials.

ix) Stay well hydrated, eat healthy foods and maintain an exercise regimen.

x) Get lots of rest and try to lead a stress-free life.

Follow these simple steps to great skin. Boost your confidence, live a healthy life, nurture your skin and remember that though blackheads can be quite a pesky problem, they can be tackled.

Written by Bhargavi J