Food Craving During Pregnancy – What They Actually Mean

Every woman experiences food cravings one or the other time during her pregnancy. While some may experience severe cravings of certain foods, some may feel like eating items that are not foods. Each of these cravings indicates something.

Below is an example:
Do you know the reason why some women during their periods may crave for chocolates? It is because their body needs magnesium – a mineral that aids in minimizing cramping. However, as a healthy replacement woman could instead eat nuts, seeds, legumes, and some fruits which are rich in magnesium.

Our body recognizes the deficiency of vitamins and minerals if any. If there is a deficiency, there is an automatic craving for the foods that include that missing ingredient in our body. Example: if you crave red meat during pregnancy, it indicates that you are lacking protein in your body. If you crave healthy food, it is fine to eat as much as you want. If you crave for unhealthy foods like lays, chips, cheez wiz, pizza, burger, then you should figure out what is the actual element that your body needs.

What the below cravings could be


sugar is addictive and suppresses your immune system. If you don’t eat processed sugar, then you are less likely to crave sweets. So choose organic or healthy stuff such as honey, maple syrup, and fresh fruits.


if you crave it, this means you need more protein. get this through beans, nuts, seeds, eggs, and dairy sources.


this could mean a craving in salt. but pregnant women should not limit salt intake. b. it may mean you require extra liver support. Try eating dark leafy veggies. This could also mean a craving in salt.


one very common thing during pregnancy is iron deficiency. Another common one is zinc deficiency. Both of them are present in ice. Foods rich in zinc also usually contain iron in them. Healthy replacements of ice include beef, spinach, and pumpkin seeds.

5.Ice cream:

it could either mean that you have inadequate calcium in your body or might also mean that you must eliminate processed sugars from your diet.

6.Spicy Foods:

eating spicy foods helps your body to cool down. It may sound funny, but it is true. Excess spice makes you sweat and when the sweat cools down, you feel cooler by temperature.

7.Potato Chips:

During pregnancy blood volume increases. Hence, this taste change may be tied to a greater need for sodium.


this is a good craving. It is a craving for vitamins and minerals. Eat as much as you want.


Most of the women during pregnancy face morning sickness and crave carbonated beverages. you should avoid caffeine during these periods and consider alternatives such as spritzers, lzzy (or both carbonated fruit juices). Also, quit drinking unhealthy sodas because they contain high amounts of processed sugars.

Therefore, eat what you crave! A healthy diet during pregnancy can curb your cravings and provide great strength for your baby’s health.

Written by Our Team