COVID-19 Self-test Kits: How it is beneficial?

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, or if you have been in direct contact with the affected person, it is very important that you get yourself tested immediately for Covid-19. It’s best not to take it for granted and put not only yourself, but also others into risk. Let’s together be responsible individuals not to spread the infection. One best and most convenient approach to adopt in doubt is to use a Covid self-test kit.

What are Covid-19 self-test kits?

A Covid at-home test kit is an OTC product which is today widely available due to the high demand and high number of positive cases during this third wave of Corona Virus. With this kit, you can learn if you are infected with the virus or not, at home itself. All you need to do is take the test in less than 2 minutes, wait for 15 minutes for the results to pop  on the strip. As simple as that. Let’s read on to know the full process of how a Covid-19 self test is done and how reliable are these self-test kits.

While a traditional RT-PCR test takes average 2-3 days for results to be shared, a self test is super instant so you can carry on with your routine without having to wait for the results; without a hassle. Get the COVID-19 self-test kit right at your doorstep.

When should I use Covid-19 self-test kits?

As mentioned above, when you show symptoms of Covid or have come in close contact with a person infected with Covid, you may use the selt-test kit. This comes extremely handy when you don’t have 2 days time to wait for the results – say you need to go to office or school or college or a family gathering and you suddenly start to show symptoms like cough, temperature or sore throat. In such a case, an instant home test with immediate results is a boon. Do your test, ensure you are negative before you to head to meet a big group of people.

How to use a Covid-19 self antigen test kit?

COVID-19 self-test kits are easy to use, but it is important to read and follow all the instructions correctly. If you don’t accurately conduct the test, you will get the results inaccurate. Some tips to follow while conducting a test are:

  • Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer
  • Only use each testing kit once.
  • Make sure the self-test kitis up-to-date.
  • Read your results within the time frame.
  • Discard off the kit carefully into a trash.
How reliable or accurate are self-test kits?

COVID-19 self-test kits perform best when you have active virus symptoms. Many COVID-19 self-test kits have more than one test strips, so if needed, you can take another test after a few days. Rapid antigen tests aren’t perfect. Sometimes you get false positives and false negatives when you conducted a test. So, take necessary precautions if your self-test kits shows either tested positive or negative. If you want to attend any kind of public gatherings and you have been tested negative, then it is best recommended to take a regular RT-PCR test to ensure you are true negative and not a false negative.

What if your results turn out positive?

If you are tested positive, nothing to worry unless your symptoms are too severe. Practice basic protocols such as wearing a face mask , using a hand sanitizer, isolating yourself for 14 days. In case the symptoms are severe, best to consult a medical professional who can guide you with the treatment.

As many experts agree that being able to test for the virus at home could be integral to helping us end the pandemic. Always consult with your doctor if you are concerned about your symptoms and stay safe by protecting yourself and your family and society.

Written by Jagannadh Ch