Control Weight Gain during Menopause

Control weight gain menopause, while menopause is inevitable, there are different exercises and lifestyle tips that can help control early menopause weight gain. The question that arises is why is it vital to stop weight gain during menopause? Furthermore, if it is significant, then how to lose weight during menopause? Keep reading this article till the end to find the answer to all your menopause sudden weight gain and its solutions. control weight gain – menopause

As women go into the menopause phase, it gets challenging to maintain a healthy weight. Reasons behind early menopause weight gain are hormonal changes, stress, and other aging factors. Studies show that majority of women in menopause are overweight and need menopause weight gain solutions. Before we get into “how do you stop weight gain during menopause”, let us see why there is a sudden weight gain during menopause:

Reasons behind menopause sudden weight gain

Menopause is the phase when a woman stops ovulating and her menstrual cycle stops. It generally happens around the age of 50. However, there is no fixed age for menopause; it can vary in different women. During this time, the majority of women experience weight gain, especially around the abdomen. Not just this, many body changes occur like the skin loses its elasticity, metabolism slows down, and a lot more. The main reasons for early menopause weight gain are:

1) Estrogen level

During the menopause phase, the level of estrogen drops which leads to fat gain. This fat accumulates around the abdomen leading to obesity. Reduction in estrogen level may also make the body use blood sugar level less effectively, making it even more difficult to stop the early menopause weight gain. However, hormonal changes are not the only factor that makes a menopausal woman obese.

2) Other Factors

Genetic factors are also a key reason behind weight gain during menopause. Another reason is the lifestyle. People tend to be less active as they age, and they hardly do any exercise. Moreover, they also tend to intake more calories which adds to their increasing weight. It was all about why women gain weight during the menopause phase.

All these factors give the unhealthy weight, which then leads to health issues. It can lead to breathing problems, heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes, and a lot more. Let’s move to find the answer to how to lose weight during menopause.

Menopause Weight Gain Solutions

Menopause is a natural process, and there is nothing one can do about it. However, the consequences are manageable by putting in a little effort. The basic idea is to control the increasing weight by following all the weight-control practices. The only thing that you must be aware of is that, with age, not every weight loss practice will work in your favor. For an instance, eating a low-calorie diet is not recommended.

1. Exercise for Menopause Weight Gain

Different forms of exercise not only keep you active but also keeps the weight gain at bay. Furthermore, it also helps relieve stress and improves overall health. You can include strength training exercises like weight training, yoga, and other exercises using the exercise bands. The idea is to move and keep your body physically active. Different exercises or physical activities that you can include are as follows.

i) Strength Training: It helps shed the excessive fat and builds muscle mass that you lose due to the lowered estrogen levels. If you have never tried any strength training exercises before, consult with a trainer about incorporating them into your routine.

ii) Aerobics: it is a fun way to keep your body active and in motion. Moreover, it’s the best option if you get bored with your regular exercise session. Aerobics help stop weight gain during menopause by shedding the extra pounds and building muscle mass.

iii) Walking: If exercising is just not your thing, or you do not have access to other exercising practices, a brisk walk is your savior. Jogging or doing the brisk walk for 45 minutes every day is a great way to burn calories and is one of the best menopause weight gain solutions.

2. Eat Right & Limit Intake

During your 50s, eating right is the key to maintaining the right weight. Understand that the metabolism rate is lower than what you have in your 20s or 30s. It means that losing weight gets very challenging. You need to pay attention to your calorie intake without compromising on your nutrition. A plant-based diet that includes low-fat dairy products, nuts, and legumes is the best option. Along with diet and exercise, there are few things that you need to limit the intake of a few things to stop weight gain during menopause. The two main things to avoid are:

i) Alcohol and Aerated Drinks: These drinks contribute a lot to increasing calorie intake and increase the chances of weight gain. Drink fruit juices, coconut water, and lemonade instead to lead a healthy life.

ii) Sugar: Excess sugar intake not only causes weight gain but also damages your skin aiding in ski-aging. So it’s time you say no to cakes, pies, and sugary foods and drinks.

Maintaining a healthy weight is ideal for your physical and mental health. It is not something that you can achieve overnight, and it is a lot of effort put together to reach the target. Make sure to keep your body active, keep moving, and include at least four days of outdoor activity. In addition to that, eat healthily and eat in the recommended proportions. Ensure that you maintain the calorie intake without compromising on the nutritional value of your food. Understand that it is not a one-time job. You need to put in consistent efforts and make lifestyle changes to keep up with the right weight and stay healthy and fit your entire life.

Old age brings many challenges along, and in women, menopause is one of the major ones. It is not just a sign that your hormones are transforming; it is also a sign that you need to take extra care of your body. Practice all the above-mentioned menopause weight gain solutions and keep your weight under control. Save your body from the side effects of menopause and enjoy a healthier life.

Written by Bhargavi J