Get Back in Shape After Pregnancy – 6 Ways to Bring Back your Original Shape

Getting back in shape after pregnancy is something that remains a dream for their entire lives, for a few women. And, is often considered extremely hard. But the truth is, it is not too hard, in fact. The main thing to be done is to diet and exercise regularly. Make sure you stay motivated to keep laziness away. Following the below 6 tips will help you achieve your goal:

6 Ways to Bounce Back to Your Previous Shape after Pregnancy:

1. Walk Every Day:

Start walking – the best way to burn calories. If possible, bring home a fitness tracker, count your daily activities and then slowly start increasing your steps day by day as you get stronger.

2. Kegel Exercises or Pelvic Tilts: 

As soon as you recover (after the doctor approves), start performing pelvic exercises. Know more about kegel exercises. These exercises not only help to overcome urinary incontinence but also increase the blood supply to the perineum and help improve the recovery process. Kegel exercises involve exhaling and drawing your belly inwards. Hence, helps you to get your lost abs.

3. Breast Feed:

Breastfeeding your baby is a natural way to reduce weight and the fastest way to shrink the uterus down to your normal size. And breastfeeding burns up to 600 calories a day! Along with breastfeeding, have a well-balanced diet and regular exercise – breastfeeding alone (independently) does not help in weight loss.

4. Adjust Your Diet: 

During pregnancy, you might have eaten whatever you craved but post-pregnancy, it is crucial that you concentrate on eating healthy foods that will help to boost your metabolism and helps to cut down fat sooner. Therefore, prefer to eat the following:

a) High protein meat

b) Fresh fruits and vegetables

c) Low-fat dairy products

d) Whole-grain bread/oatmeal 

5. Give Time to Yourself: 

Just because you have started exercising and eating the right foods, it does not mean that you will witness results immediately. Know that it easily takes about 4-6 weeks for significant results. Make sure you do not get demotivated if you do not see results on time. Some people may take a longer time to enjoy results but rest assured, positive results are bound to happen soon or later.

6. Sleep when your baby is sleeping: 

A baby leads to irregular sleep cycles in parents. Therefore, as a mother wanting to get back to her normal body, sleep when her baby sleeps. This will help you replenish your energy and thus can handle the baby well once he/she wakes up.

Additional Tips:

Natural Home Remedies: 

a) Try apple cider vinegar in hot water 2 or 3 times a day to reduce weight.
b) Drink lime and honey by mixing it in water and take it several times a day. This helps to reduce weight naturally. Plum leaves have natural fat-burning properties, therefore, drink tea made from it. c) You can also have green tea once a day to reduce weight. Cabbage dishes can help with weight loss, try incorporating it into your meals.

Hope the above remedies will helps you! But more than the above, you need to stay determined and dedicated to a few months of hard work towards your body!

Written by Our Team