Best Time to Eat Fruits: For Weight Loss

When you start a diet, it is necessary to consume a variety of eating fruits throughout the day. Whether it is dried fruit or fresh fruit, these foods should be consumed at strategic times of the day to lose weight. As per experts’ recommendation, it is suggested to have seasonal fruits every day just like other meals.

Eating Fruits to Lose Weight: What are the Best Times of the Day?

To lose the extra pounds that poison our lives, fruits are our best friends! Fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants thus experts suggest what can be a better time than the morning to have them and get all their essential nutrients?

Tips to Keep in Mind When you are Having Fruits

1. You must always eat local and fresh fruits.

2. Avoid eating other foods at least half an hour to one hour after you eat fruits.

3. The best time to eat fruits is in the morning as per experts’ advice. Consuming fruits on an empty stomach can be beneficial for your health. However, avoid eating citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, etc in the morning as they can possibly cause acidity. It is good to go with fruits like bananas, mangoes, and apples in the morning.

4. When you are eating melons, avoid eating anything with them. Melon has plenty of water content and it can be difficult to digest.

5. Eating fruits according to the season can be beneficial for your health. Spring and summer are considered the best times for eating ripening fruits. During summer, it is advised to eat a mixture of raw, sweet, and hydrating fruits.

6. Having fruits before a workout can provide the body with the instant energy required to perform the workout. The powerhouse of energy that fruits are can provide you with the healthy nutrients required for a workout.

7. After a workout session, your body loses its energy and there can be no better snack than fruits to get that instant energy. Low in calories, and high in minerals and fiber, fruits help you fulfill the nutrients required by your body.

What are the worst times to consume fruits?

1. Right before you sleep: Having fruits right before you go to sleep is not a good idea, in fact, it is the worst. Doing so can enhance one’s blood sugar level, which can keep one awake. It is also recommended to have dinner at least two hours before you sleep because eating meals near your bedtime can lead to indigestion and so can fruits.

2. Right after and before meals: It is said a gap of 30 minutes should be maintained between your fruit intake and meals. If eaten right after or right before meals, it may lead to indigestion and your body won’t get all the essential nutrients.

3. Diabetic patients should wait for at least one hour before and two hours after a meal to have fruits.

4. With meals: Having them along with other meals can slow down the digestion process, which means the fruits sit for a longer time in the stomach which can also lead to their fermentation. Fruits are a rich source of fiber, hence get slowly digested, and having them along with the meal slows the process even more.

Written by MedPlus