Best Face Washes for Indian Skin Type Under Rs.200

To get clear and glowing skin, people often try numerous face products. Among face products, the primary requirement for anybody is face wash. Cleaning the face with the best face wash (best meaning the one which is most suitable for your skin type), helps to get glowing skin which can make one look more youthful and glamorous. Face washes help in removing dead skin cells and dirt particles from the face. It provides nourishment, hydration, etc., to the skin cells and moisturizes them. Not only this, but if someone wants to get rid of the excess oil from their face, which gives rise to the problem of acne and pimples, then the best face wash for oily skin works wonders and solves the problem of an individual.

Every skincare regime should have a good face wash. It is not mandatory that you need to purchase the luxury or costly ones to get effective results. Even under an affordable budget of Rs.200, you can easily get several best face washes that works effectively for Indian skin types. Hence, below is a curated list of the best face wash under 200, which one can prefer to purchase as per their requirement.

Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash

Arguably one of the most popular face washes, which is also regarded as the best face wash in the affordable range of Rs 200, is this Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash. It is a 100% natural face wash made with a scientific formula that provides a soap-free formulation and efficiently removes the impurities from the skin and clears the pimples. The key ingredients of this product include neem and turmeric, which are excellent skincare ingredients. Neem has anti-bacterial properties, which enhance skin health and effectively combats bacterial infection.

Similarly, turmeric in this face wash helps to even out the skin tone as well as the skin color. Applying this face wash provides a soothing effect on an individual’s skin. Using this best face wash regularly for a few days would also help in solving the problem of regular re-occurrence of pimples. Hence, it is a highly recommended face wash for people who are suffering from the annoying problem of pimples and aspire to get an even skin tone and get rid of acne and pimples.

Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash

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Avelia Aloevera Oil Control Face Wash

Avelia is also another choice of best face wash. Avelia Aloevera Oil Control Face Wash refreshes your skin, enhancing your complexion and leaving your skin smooth and soft, with the healing extracts of Aloe Vera. Cleaning skin regular is important to keep up its fundamental well-being and beauty. A unique consideration ought to be given to your face. It requires something preferable rather over regular soap. Regular soap does more harm than good to skin. Skin secrets natural oil which might get disrupted due to regular use of soap, as it may wipe out natural oil secreted from the skin. This may lead to premature aging or other skin infections.

neem face wash 3



Ponds Men Oil Control Face Wash

The Ponds Men Oil Control Face Wash is one of the most effective best face wash for oily skin. It provides the skin with a sense of refreshment. This face wash efficiently removes the excess oil from the face and provides the skin with an icy freshness. It has the power of icy scrub beads, which help to exfoliate the tanned skin cells of an individual. It is a perfect choice of facewash for those who are looking to make their skin anti-dull and brighten.

In order to get effective results from this best face wash, one needs to first wash their face, then apply this face wash on the damp skin and massage the face thoroughly. Once finished massaging the skin thoroughly, an individual can wash it off. This face wash comprises of cooling menthol which effectively refreshes the skin.

3.Ponds Men Oil Control Face Wash

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Nivea Men Oil Control Face Wash

The Nivea Men’s Oil Control Face Wash is another choice of suitable face wash for oily skin. This face wash features a deep cleansing formula that removes the dirt from the face and excess oil from the skin. Not only this, but it also purifies the pores providing an individual with smooth and glowing skin. One of the amazing aspects of this best face wash is that it lightens the discoloration of the skin, thereby whitening the skin up to more than 10 times than before, as claimed by Nivea. The 10x vitamin effect of this face wash provides oil control for up to 12 hours.

It efficiently removes dirt, impurities, and residues from the skin and thereby cleanses the skin. Nivea men oil control face wash reduces the oiliness of the face and controls the acne-causing bacteria up to 99%, thereby providing an individual with clear and oil-free skin.

Nivea Men Oil Control Face Wash

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Garnier Bright Complete Speed Face Wash

The Garnier Bright Complete Speed Face Wash is another one of the best face washes under Rs. 200. This face wash is recommended when skin darkens because of contact to the sun, dust, or other harsh environmental elements. It is enhanced with pure lemon essence, which lightens the skin tone and removes impurities like dirt from the face. It makes the skin clear and clean as a result. It must be applied gently and mildly, which leaves the skin soft and healthy.

To use this face wash effectively, one must first wet their skin with water, then spread the face wash evenly over their face and neck before massaging their face vigorously. After cleansing the face, pat it dry. For best results and to achieve soft, healthy skin, apply it twice daily.

Garnier Bright Complete Speed Face Wash

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Hence, as discussed above, they are some of the best face washes that one can easily purchase. These face washes are available within a budget of Rs.200; thus, one will not have to pinch their pockets to purchase these face washes. These face washes remove the impurities, dirt, and residues from the skin and thereby make the skin flawless and glowing. Moreover, they are also suitable for removing the oil from the skin, which is a major cause of pimples and acne; hence, by using one of the above face washes, people can also get rid of the problem of acne and pimples.

Written by Jagannadh Ch