Be Smart about your Medicine Usage

Everyone has taken medicine or its supplements at least once in their life. These medicines help us to overcome several medical conditions. Supplements improve the nutrient and hormone levels in the body. But, the primary thing is taking these medicines as per the prescribed quantity. If the medicine is consumed more than the prescribed dose, it may cause some side effects. Or else, if it is consumed less than the prescribed dose, then it does not cure the disease. Also, one more important thing that everyone should know about its usage is storage and at what time we are taking those medicines.

Every medicine must be stored uniquely after purchasing from a nearby pharmacy or store. Else, you can also buy medicines in an online pharmacy store. Also, each one of them has a unique expiry date. Consuming medicines after their expiry date leads to many serious health issues. There are some guidelines to take a medicinal course. Let’s see in detail the guidelines that need to be followed by a smart medicine user. 

Guidelines for smart medicine usage

  1. Maintain a record of all medicines and supplements you use irrespective of their category. Talk with a doctor about the medicine and update them on every visit if there is a change.
  2. Keep a copy of your medical record with any of your relatives, so that it can help you if there is an emergency where you are not able to access the copy of the medicines.
  3. While visiting a doctor for any sort of prescription, feel free to tell about any allergies, family history of allergies to certain medications, or if you are pregnant.
  4. It is advisable to read drug facts, side effects, and other important details related to the medicine that is taken.
  5. Whenever you take a new medicine, ask your doctor about the process of taking the medicine. Like, such as how many times it needs to be taken, with or without food, or before or after the food.
  6. The medicines that you are purchasing must have the batch number and expiry date visible.
  7. Store the medicines in one place and away from the reach of children. Many of the medicines need to be stored in a cool and dry place away from heat and moisture.
  8. Take the medicines as prescribed by the doctor and consult your doctor if you are having any side effects.

Don’t use a medicine beyond its expiry date. Discard all expired and discontinued medicines to prevent accidental ingestion.

Written by MedPlus