Back Pain: Types, Causes, Treatment & Prevention

A good posture is which reduces the chances of aches in vertebrae and other joints. Postures speak a lot about the confidence, energy level, and presence of any sort of discomfort in the body. The stressful lifestyle of this era is chiefly responsible for a lot of diseases in individuals. Backache, joint aches, obesity, digestive issues, respiratory problems, etc., all these health conditions can only be cured by following a proper posture and lifestyle. There can be different types of back pain depending upon the individual’s posture. Moreover, along with the increase in these issues, the healthcare industry has also come up with various treatments. Therefore, individuals don’t invest time to cure health issues permanently; rather, they look for instant relief.

Types of Back Pain

The concept of ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t seem appropriate in the case of back pain. It tends to differ from person to person. The intensity and positioning of the pain depend on the lifestyle and activities of the person. Individuals can experience pain in any specific fragment of the spine, in the adjacent muscles, or all over the posterior area. Diverse types can be an indication of damage to our skeletal and muscular structures. Thus, immediate care and precautionary measures should be taken based on the source of the pain. Some of the most basic forms of back pain are as enumerated:

1. Axial pain or mechanical pain occurs in any specific spot of the spine. The axial pain can even be of certain types- constant or burning pain and sharp or dull. Strain in the muscle, facet joint pains, and tears in discs can be the prime cause of this type of back pain.

2. Referred pain is constant, dull, and achy in the lower back position of the body. Moreover, degenerative diseases in the disc lead to referred pain, which varies in intensity and moves around along the spine area.

3. Radical pain offers an electric shock type of feeling down the path of spinal nerves. Inflammation or compression at the spinal nerve root is the chief cause of radical pain. Individuals with spondylitis, herniated disc, etc., can face numbness and weakness accompanied by this pain.

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Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can take place in individuals of any age group, as there are multiple reasons for its occurrence. Individuals can suffer from a slight ache to sharp and burning pain in the posterior area. Some of the main causes of back pain are as mentioned below:

1. A sprain in muscle and ligament due to lifting heavy items or a sudden jerk is mostly upper back pain causes. Muscle spasms depend on intensity; therefore, based on which treatment procedure should be initiated.

2. Bulging/Rupturing Disks occur suddenly and press on a nerve. Disks are like cushions in between bones, which bulge and can be detected after performing an X-ray.

3. Arthritis, especially osteoarthritis, affects the lower back portion of the body. Lower back pain causes contraction of the space along the spine, leading to a disorder called spinal stenosis.

4. Osteoporosis is another back pain reason where the vertebrae turn brittle and porous. This led to painful fractures and intense back pain.

Back Pain Treatment

Treatment and medication for back pain start once the doctor learns about the cause of back pain. Starting from home treatment to physiotherapy, there are multiple care options available to offer back pain relief. Moreover, individuals should not delay in treating the source of their back pain to ensure proper recovery. Some of the back pain treatment options are:

1. Home remedies are suitable for less intense back pain. It incorporates – yoga, exercise, acupuncture, and hot or cold compress.

2. Prescription of painkillers or relievers offers specific medication for the pain but should be consulted with the doctor.

3. Chiropractic care offers manipulation of the spinal alignment using a hands-on approach and other alternatives. This ensures the healing of the musculoskeletal symmetry of the spinal area.

4. Electric nerve stimulation, along with electro-thermal therapy prescribed by doctors, can offer massive relief to the lasting back pain.

5. Physical therapy focuses on the type of injuries or disabilities in the spinal area and ensures healing and reestablishing of the proper working of the same.

6. Blocking a group of nerves, especially ganglion and plexus, by injecting medication can ease the pain in a specific location of the back. Even local anesthesia is used in case of agonizing pain.

7. Bio-electric therapy is also used recently, as it is completely drug-free and comes without any side effects. This therapy works by blocking the pain messages in the nerves; therefore, it can’t reach the central nervous system. It also led to the production of endorphins in the body to relieve the existing ache.

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Back Pain Prevention

Improving posture in day-to-day life and strengthening the back muscles can prevent the repetitive occurrence of back pain. Following the necessary back pain prevention measures can help us avoid surgeries and offer relief within a limited time frame. Some such measures are:

1. Regular exercise eases inflammation and tension in the muscles. In case of excessive pain, a gap of two to three days from exercise is beneficial.

2. Maintaining body weight depending upon age and height. This helps to limit stress and strain on the lower back muscles.

3. Sleep, sit or walk in a proper posture to avoid sprain in any part of the spine. Moreover, check the mattress of your bed and the structure of the sofa or chair, as these can cause pain.

4. Try to limit desk job hours and take short walk intervals to release the muscles.

5. Avoid lifting heavy loads and be careful of the mineral balance in the body.

6. Women should avoid high heels rather than opt for comfortable and safe shoes.

7. Tight-fitted clothes also interfere with sitting, standing, and bending postures, thus, resulting in backache.

Written by Jagannadh Ch