9 Home Remedies to Cure Constipation Naturally

Constipation is one of the most commonly known problems that we face. At least three out of five people have issues going to the bathroom. Although you do have many over-the-counter medicines to cure constipation, they may sometimes pose various other health risks and side effects. If you are looking for an instant Indian home remedy for constipation without the risk of these medicine side effects, then here is a list of simple ways that you can try it out:

1. Drink lots of water

Hard stool poses a risk to the rectum walls by damaging or tearing them and can be painful. Starting your day with two glasses of warm water will help you while going to the bathroom. You can also have a glass of warm water with ginger and lemon. The mixture will help or prevent constipation and come with various other health benefits, including weight loss.

Drinking water every day comes with a lot of health benefits. It is also one of the best constipation remedies you will find in any book. Drinking around 6-8 glasses a day will make the stool soft and help you detox your body

2. Do not forget to add fiber

Dietary fibers are another great example of home remedies to treat constipation fast. Include whole grains, veggies, fruits, and other such fiber-rich foods into your diet. Such foods will improve the consistency of your bowel movements and help you pass stool properly. A fiber-rich diet helps add weight and volume to the stool, making it easier to pass it out in the morning. Soluble fibers are easily absorbed in the body and help retain the moisture needed to soften bowel movements.

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3. A glass of certified butter (ghee) and milk during bedtime

We all know the benefits of ghee and milk for our overall health. Surprisingly when you combine the two, it also helps to relieve constipation. Every night mix a teaspoon or two of ghee in warm to hot milk and drink it. It is a healthy, natural, and effective way to soften your stool and prevent constipation. It is also the best Indian home remedy for constipation in kids. Drinking a glass of milk will even help cure other problems like sleeping disorders such as insomnia.

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4. Nothing better than a cup of Coffee

For many people having a cup of coffee is one of the best homemade constipation remedies. This is because coffee stimulates the gastrocolic reflect (a digestive nerve reflex) that controls the intestinal movements that push the food through the digestive tract. If you have recently had surgery on your colon or uterus, a cup of coffee helps in restarting the bowel movements. Some people also find it easy to pass a stool after they have a coffee or any caffeinated drink since it helps in stimulating the anal and colon muscles.

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5. Time to work with lemon water or lemon and salt

Lemon is another commonly used kitchen ingredient that has many benefits to a person’s health. For an instant Indian home remedy for constipation, you can drink a cup of lemon juice with warm water. It will not only help to reduce the bloating feeling in the tummy but also cure constipation. Another way to cure constipation is by sprinkling salt on a lemon, using a fork, mixing the salt into the lemon to form a frothy liquid, and squeezing it directly into the mouth. Another alternative to instantly relieve constipation-related gas is ENO.

6. A cup of ginger tea can do the trick

Ginger tea is one of the most favorite teas in the world. Ginger is not only good for those suffering from cough and cold; however, it is also a constipation remedy. The Ginger will help in stimulating the digestive tract and provides instant relief for people with constipation issues. You can either boil the ginger along with the tea leaves and have it with milk. If you want, you can have black ginger tea with lemon as well to cure constipation issues.

7. Why not try some sesame seeds

Sesame seeds have an oily composition; however, they also help treat constipation at home. The sesame seeds also help those who suffer from dry stool. You can easily add them to your salads and cereals daily and enjoy all the health benefits that come with them, including the home remedies for constipation fast with sesame seeds (this is only one among the many health benefits of sesame seeds

8. Liquorice roots or Mulethi can also help

In Ayurveda, this is one of the most effective foods to help constipation and digestion. It would help if you took a teaspoon of powdered liquorice root and jaggery. Mix the two and have it along with warm water. This herb will not only cure constipation but will also help improve bowel activity. It is also one of the oldest Indian home remedies for constipation in kids.

9. Probiotics will also help a lot

Probiotics are loaded with healthy gut or good bacteria that are beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract. You can find such bacteria in sauerkraut and yogurt in their natural form. If you want, you can also take over-the-counter probiotic supplements.

By introducing more probiotics to your body, you can reduce the digestion time your body typically takes and enhance your bowel movements. You will also find that the stool’s consistency will improve a lot, making it easy for you to go to the bathroom.

A final note on choosing a constipation remedy

People suffering from chronic constipation and gas often find it challenging to go to the bathroom. Thankfully, there are some natural remedies for constipation that you can use. By making small lifestyle changes like introducing exercises, changing our diet, or taking small steps, you will see a noticeable difference in how you go to the bathroom. The home remedies mentioned above are some of the many choices that you have to cure constipation. For more health and wellness-centric guides, stay tuned to our blog.

Written by Bhargavi J