8 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

As more of our life become sedentary in nature, more than ever due to COVID-19, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to stay in proper shape and stay fit. Obesity is a growing trend and thus, we are always looking for ways to reduce our weight, especially those who are already beyond the acceptable limit of fitness. The internet is full of weight loss tips, but the best weight loss tip is to get into exercising regularly. In this article, we will see just that! We will jump into the list of the 8 best exercises for weight loss.


A burpee is a full-body exercise that is commonly used in the majority of strength training and aerobic exercises. It is a super-fast way to lose weight since it is a high-body intensive exercise, requiring proper coordination between all the body parts, from the chest, the abs, the triceps, the quads, and everything else, and when done repeatedly, can push your heart rate really high thus resulting in a high amount of calorie burning and thus weight loss.

How to do a burpee?

i) Stand shoulder-width hands apart by your side
ii) Squat down and make a swift shift into a plank position (making a straight line with your body)
iii) Stay in the plank position for less than a second and jump back into a squat position (bring your feet back closer to your palms, chest, and face)
iv) As soon as you come back to the squat position, jump back up – to stand straight with hands thrown straight up above the head
v) This completes one cycle. As soon as you throw your hands above your head, come back down to a squat, then plant, back to squat and back standing up
vi) Repeat the cycle and do as many sets as advised by your trainer, or instructor. Ensure not to overdo any exercise
vii) As a beginner, it may be a bit difficult to keep pace, so start slowly. Gradually, at your own ease, you can improve your speed

Squat Jumps

Another similar exercise, the squat jump is also a highly body-intensive exercise. It is a combination of a conventional squat exercise and a jump.

How to do a squat jump?
i) Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart.
ii) Hinge at the hips to push your buttock back and lower down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Then press your feet down to explode off the floor and jump significantly high. Do not overdo it to hurt your knees.
iii) Allow your knees to bend 45 degrees when you land, and then immediately drop back down into a squat, and jump again.
iv) You can engage in this exercise when you want to do a low-resistance, but highly rewarding workout. Try 3 to 4 sets of 15 reps with little rest in between, as your breathing will go up by the beginning of the third set.

Plank Jack

Plank jacks are a combination of powerful cardio and core-strengthening exercise. In addition to strengthening the muscles of both the lower and upper body, it is one of the best exercises for weight loss, as it burns a lot of calories.

How to do a plank jack?

i) Start in a plank position.
ii) Engage your abs to help protect your lower back from injury.
iii) Jump both feet out wide to each side as if you were doing a horizontal jumping jack.
iv) Stay in a plank position as you quickly jump your feet back together.
v) Continue to jump back in and out. Keep your back flat and don’t let your hips drop throughout the entire movement. Your arms should remain steady.
vi) Perform plank jacks for 10–20 seconds to start. You can work up to 60 seconds or jump at a faster speed to make the move more challenging.

Lunges with an Oblique twist

It is a great exercise to build lower body strength. It isolates your quads and hamstrings during the lunge. By adding the twisting motion (with or without added weight) your glutes contract more fully as you engage your core.

How do lunges with an oblique twist?

i) Stand upright, take a large step forward, and lower your hips so that the front of your thigh is parallel to the ground, bending your knee at 90 degrees, and twist
ii) Come back to the starting position and do the same with the other leg
iii) You can keep your hands on your waist, overhead, or if you think you need support. Don’t hesitate to hold a chair, wall, or pole

Mountain Climbers

If you want to improve your cardio endurance and get a total body exercise, with the benefit of losing weight in the process, then this exercise is for you.

How do mountain climbers?

Start in a plank position on the floor. Drive the right knee toward the chest without raising the hips or allowing the right foot to touch the floor.
Place right foot back in plank and repeat on the other side, driving the left knee toward the chest. Repeat, alternating legs.

Jump Rope

Almost everybody has done this in their childhood, at least once, alone, or with friends. For those who are always wondering, “How I can lose weight, without joining some costly gym, or engaging in time-intensive exercises?”, this can be a solution for your problem.

How to do a jump rope exercise?

Start with feet together, hands holding ends of the jump rope, elbows in toward ribs. Swing the jump rope and step or hop both feet over. Don’t jump in between, just jump with each swing of the rope.

Kettlebell swing

Swinging a kettlebell, when done properly, increases your heart rate while targeting the major muscle groups of your lower body and core. It is intensive exercise and helps burn a lot of calories.

How to do a kettlebell swing?

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and a kettlebell slightly in front of your feet. Grasp the kettlebell handle with both hands. Keeping back straight, hinge at the hips to hike the kettlebell backward between the legs.
Press hips forward to stand and swing the kettlebell overhead, keeping the core engaged. Allow the kettlebell to fall forward and between the legs to begin the next swing.

Tabata Drill

Tabata training was discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. It is an effective exercise that improves your aerobic (cardiovascular) system, as well as your anaerobic system (muscles).

How to do a Tabata drill?

i) Begin with a light dumbbell in each hand, racked at your shoulders, standing with feet shoulder-width apart.
ii) Jump feet out wide and jack dumbbells straight up overhead until arms are fully extended. Continue with all-out effort for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds.
iii) Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, dumbbells at chest. Begin jabbing the dumbbells across the body, alternating sides.
iv) Continue with all-out effort for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat both exercises for 8 rounds total.

If all the exercises look difficult at first, you can always start with running. The thing is, there are a lot of other exercises that you can do to help you achieve your body goals. Just thinking, “How I can lose weight quickly?” is not sufficient. You have to start somewhere. It is a gradual process. Be patient and keep moving.

Written by Bhargavi J