20 Exhaustive Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Cough At Home

No doctor.

No medical store.

Relief from a cough. Yes.

A cough can not only be annoying, but it can also be embarrassing in front of people. Imagine a pin drop silence workplace and you constantly coughing your phlegm out! Not too pleasant is it. And once you’ve caught it, a cough is usually pretty stubborn and easily takes a week to 10 days to cure, unless you visit a doctor and speed up the process. But a doctor is not our favorite pick. So can we treat a cough at home in natural ways? Do the natural remedies really work? Of course! Unless your phlegm level is too high and the condition is already complicated, cough can be naturally treated at home. However, if a cough does not reduce by 3 weeks, it is time that you consulted your doctor. Also if your cough also leads to fever, dehydration or weakness, you should consult your doctor.

NOTE: If your cough is related to an asthma attack, then not all these ways are meant for you

What should you do?

1. Stream Inhalation and Heat Packs: 

Bend over a vessel of hot boiled water with a towel on your head and breathe in the hot steam for a minimum of 10-15 mins. You could also add eucalyptus into the water for additional medicinal properties. The heat soothes your chest blockage and allows mucus to be expelled effortlessly.


Once done, do not sit under the fan or in the AC immediately. Asthmatic people should not use this method. Be cautious in case of usage in children; children may require just 5 mins of heat and they may also suffer heat burns of the vessel.

2. Humidifier: 

If you do not prefer inhaling steam from the bowl or a common vessel, use a humidifier that works very similarly.

3. The Turmeric Treatment:

Mix turmeric in hot milk and drink. Alternatively, turmeric can also be added to warm water for consumption. A third way of consuming turmeric is to have a half tablespoon of raw turmeric and a tiny little pinch of salt in it for effective relief from both cold and cough.

4. Salt Water Gargling:

Old is gold. An old age tradition but really effective one is saltwater gargling. Add a few spoons of salt to a glass of warm water and gargle for a few minutes. Spit out the water and rinse your mouth well.

5. Ginger Game:

Ginger is a highly relied upon ingredient which instantly ensures relief from a bad throat. Either cut fresh gingers and eat them raw or if that is too strong, try boiling a few pieces of ginger in water and then strain it to prepare the tea.

6. Honey:

Honey is a great source of anti-microbial properties that kills the microorganisms, reduces throat pain, and is also tasty! Adults can consume around 2-3 tablespoons of honey per day and kids can go for 1 teaspoon. For further better results, a few drops of lemon can be added in the honey.

7. Almonds Paste:

Almonds are a tasty option with medicinal properties. Soak few almonds in water for 4-6 hours and then peel the skin off and blend it with honey in a processor. Then the almond paste is ready to be consumed throughout the day. Keep sipping on the paste as and when you wish.

8. Garlic:

Raw garlic is a very effective option for an irritated throat. If raw garlic is too strong for you, you could consume it in form of garlic soup.

9. Cloves:

Eat a few cloves (2-4) per day. Do not swallow the whole clove together. Chew the clove slowly bit by bit and keep it in the mouth as much as possible. Allow the juice to glide by your throat slowly thus letting the medicinal properties to work their wonders on your infection, cold, or a cough.

10. Chamomile Tea:

Known for its recuperating properties, chamomile helps in effectively decreasing cough recurrence, especially when consumed before bedtime. It incites rest in you and allows you to sleep well through the night.

11. Black Pepper:

Mix 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper and one teaspoon of honey. Add this mixture to a glass of warm water and drink 2-3 times a day. Adjust the doses depending on how severe your cold is. Also, note the heat in your body since black pepper is a food that increases body warmth.

12. Green Tea:

A few (2 to 3) cups of green day per day will help your cough subside naturally, and also shed few kilos parallelly.

13. Menthol and Peppermint:

Menthol has a mild anesthetic effect on the throat and counters irritation. The cooling effect soothes the throat. It stimulates saliva and keeps your mouth and airways moist. Do not use give it to children. Adding peppermint leaves to menthol is another great idea since peppermint is known for its healing properties. Together they soothe the throat and act as a decongestant helping to break down the mucus.

14. Licorice Root Tea:

Soothes and reduces inflammation in airways. Loosens Mucus. Take 2 tablespoons of dried licorice root with 8 ounces of water and steep for 15 mins. Then strain the mixture and consume the liquid.

15. Thyme Tea:

Reduces inflammation and relaxes throat muscles. Boil water and add 2 tablespoons of thyme in it. Allow it to rest for 10 mins and strain it before drinking.

16. The Standard Water:

Drink a lot of water. Water helps to dilute the mucus and help it leave the body easily. Increases moisture in your airways and thus keeps irritated airways away.

17. Cleanliness:

Allergens and irritants in your house or workplace or college room may be harmful to you and cause a cough especially if you are a sensitive one. If not the house and the college or office, you can definitely keep your room tidy and clean. And if you have a pet(s), try making him/her sleep in the other room instead of your own to reduce the catalyst action of a cough through pets. etc

18. Hygiene: 

Maintaining personal hygiene becomes really important. Keep washing your hands with a handwash frequently. Cover your mouth each time you cough and ensure you don’t touch around your face with the same hand or handkerchief again.

19. Do not smoke: 

Smoking is like ghee in the fire which will provoke your health to worsen.

20. Things to Avoid:

Avoid citrus fruits, greasy food, junk food, oily food, fried food etc.

Written by MedPlus