Monthly Archive:: December 2013

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Winter

Worldwide hair loss is a common problem and your story is no different! Although hair loss is a general phenomenon across all seasons, the problem worsens in winter. During winter hair loss accelerates due to the lack of moisture in air which makes our scalp and hair dry. Along with hair loss hair breakage also [&hellip

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How to Fight Winter Health Issues

As temperatures fall in winter, our physical health faces renewed challenges of colds, sore throats, and coughs. Apart from these general infections, winter also brings other ailments such as chest congestion, dry itchy skin, sinusitis and seasonal allergies. Challenges intensify for people suffering from conditions like asthma, rheumatism and arthritis. However, useful and simple precautionary [&hellip

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How to Choose Best Makeup Kits

Buying a makeup kit is a real fun simply because it only ONE product that meets so many different needs in our makeup wardrobe. However, it is so intriguing for all of us how makeup experts instinctively select the most appropriate makeup kit. Picking the best makeup kit that best suits your skin tone, eye [&hellip

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